Friday, April 15, 2022

The Math Reveals The Truth Of The 2020 Election Coup


The left demands ‘evidence’ that the 2020 elections were stolen. Well, here it is.

The math does not lie. I touched on this in a previous article. I believe this is too important to continue to ignore. A free society is dependent upon free and fair elections of its leaders. Accusations of cheating follow every election. So what does the math tell us about the 2020 US presidential election?

Please memorize and repeat this ‘PERT’ formula to everyone you know.
P = Population (330 million per US Census)
E = Eligible voters over 18 (82% of population per US Census)
R = eligible voters who legally Registered to vote (About 70% per census)
T = actual Turnout of eligible voters (About 70% per elections boards)
D = Donald Trump votes (Agreed by left and right)
J = Joe Biden votes (The solved variable)

This mathematical equation can be used in any election. The following is the formula for truth.

(P * E% * R% * T%) - D = J

Let’s solve with known variable (actual Joe Biden votes) supplied by the US Census and elections commissions data.

P = 330 million (US Census data)
E = 330m * .82  (Total population times population above voting age of 18 =270m)
R = 270m * .70 (Eligible voters times 70% who legally registered to vote = 189m)
T = 189m * .70 (Legal registered voters times 70% who actually voted = 132m)
D = 74m votes for Donald Trump (Agreed by the left and the right)
J = 58m  (132m - 74m = 58m votes cast for Joe Biden) 

Joe Biden may have received 58 million votes. Yes, it is hard to believe this many mentally deranged people live in America! It’s hard to believe this many people despise the very platform of economic growth and affluence that a free America has provided. Or, given that no one with a brain cell would think that a world run by Joe Biden would be better than one run by Donald Trump, we must assume that there are at least 58 million voters suffering terribly from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Few of them seem to understand that truth is the only cure.  

As truth seekers, we must entertain the idea that some of the government data could be wrong.

First, 81 million votes for Joe Biden is mathematically impossible unless the country has over 404 million citizens who are proportionately eligible, registered, and turned out to vote. In that case, the census is off by 22% or so! 

Second, if the population census is correct, then 74m votes for Trump and 81m votes for Biden means voter turnout was 100%. Again, this is not likely.

Third, maybe nearly every eligible voter actually registered and then showed up to vote. Again, this is not very likely in a country as stupid and apathetic as America.

In short, the math says a 81 million votes for Biden didn’t happen.

Donald Trump won the 2020 vote in a landslide but lost the election due to a Democrat/Communist orchestrated FBI/CIA coup.

The election of 2020 was a coup and a fraud. Period. It was a coup at the highest level and couldn’t have happened without the FBI and CIA involvement.

If the CIA and FBI were not involved, then not dutifully investigating and prosecuting this subversion of the legal voting process should immediately require the dissolution of both bureaus and the termination of every single employee followed by prosecutions for dereliction of duty and treason.

This isn’t opinion. This is mathematics.

So, my message to the rest of the world is this. ‘We’ Americans did not vote to put Joe Biden in the White House. As a result of the coup, the first year of the Biden apartheid regime has ruptured the world economy, brought forth shortages in everything from food to equipment, turned the American government into a fascist racist disgrace, and fomented war throughout the world. Let’s Go Brandon indeed!! Don’t blame us, the people. ‘We’ didn’t vote for the bumbler in chief.

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    1. Show us your math!
      Like most libs you can't provide facts to support your corrupt opinion.

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  3. That senile dementia patient that hid in his basement to hide his problem did not win.

  4. The theft of the 2020 election by the Left has been proven over and over. The fact is that the "authorities" approved of it. We will see no Justice for this...same as with every other Democrat crime. Justice is dead.

  5. There better be some severe "come-uppance" from this crap or it'll continue until we have nothing more than a police state!