Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Difference Between Democrat and Republican?


What's the difference between republicans and democrats?

In Minnesota, democrat Keith Ellison had domestic assault charges lodged against him. His accuser filed a police report and exhibited bruising around her face. The accuser’s own adult son verified the assault. The voters of Minnesota elected Mr. Ellison as their attorney general.

In New York’s District 14, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the unopposed House of Representative seat after republicans withdrew support of their candidate, Anthony Pappas. Why? Mr. Pappas was accused of domestic violence. Apparently ‘believe the women’ only applies to democratic women with an ax to grind against republicans. So, logically, accusations lodged by women are fungible and dependent on political affiliation?

Now we know the difference. It has to do with morals. To democrats, we are not all equal, apparently. Equality depends upon whether or not there is a ‘D’ attached to our political affiliation. Democrats are the self-appointed ‘elite’. Everyone else should blindly follow regardless of fact or reality. Those who refuse to drink the cool-aid of insanity can, well, accept the only democratic rebuttal and ‘go f**k themselves’. Democrats are mad as in ‘insane’.  

Insane? Really? Let’s examine.

One, the democrats are always using the word, ‘Democracy’. Our third President, Thomas Jefferson, was a genius and every word he spoke or wrote is now proven true. Specifically concerning ‘democracy’, Jefferson said democracy simply led to mob rule. Witness the democratic mobs yelling and screaming words they do not understand like ‘fascism’, ‘NAZI’, and ‘socialism’. Democrats do not understand that Mr. Jefferson and his fellow thinkers like Madison and Morris gave us a ‘Constitutional Republic’. The US Constitution is the oldest of its kind as all ‘democracies’ have descended into socialism. Democracies elected leaders like Hitler, Hussein, and almost any other despot one can think of.

This democratic insanity is exemplified by total lack of cognitive logic on issues like immigration. The democratic left wants all illegal aliens to be able to vote in US elections. Yet, these same people object to alleged, and yet unproven, Russian election interference in 2016 voting. Why then, would the democrats object to the Russians voting in US elections as well? Why does the left want to discriminate against Russians? Why not just let everybody in the world vote in US elections?

Even more insane, the same people (democrats) that scream about ‘democracy’ and ‘Russian collusion’ allow basically three billionaire donors to flood national and state elections with money to sway the vote. One of those billionaires is Tom Steyer.

Mr. Steyer is a liberal ‘climate change’ activist who believes President Trump should be impeached because the President does not surrender to global climate change agreements. Nevermind that US greenhouse emissions have been reduced by 3% since President Trump pulled the US from the NWO Paris Climate Agreement and nevermind that scientists tell us that the ozone layer of the Earth is now healing. Mr. Steyer ignores these facts and states, “But his refusal to protect the lives and safety of the American people is why he must be impeached.”

To those of us with active brain cells, this sounds insane. First, ‘climate change’ is the new ‘global warming’ buzzword. I ask people who ascribe to the ‘warming’ belief ‘how do they know?’ If they were to look at the ‘warming’ data they would learn that the ‘warming’ is due at least in part to several areas of Columbia, South America averaging 175-degrees fahrenheit for several months. That’s impossible but let’s move on.

Isn’t unfettered immigration a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t a push into socialism - communism a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t excessive taxation a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t selling a fifth of the countries uranium supply to the Russians in exchange for a half-million dollar speaking engagement for Bill Clinton a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t a rigged election (as we witness the mess going on in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia at the hands of democratic election officials post 2018 mid-terms) a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Aren’t attacks on our Constitutional Bill of Rights (free speech, etc.) a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Aren’t attacks on the US electoral college a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t, as Mr. Steyer supports, setting up an international climate change carbon tax a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

We could go on and on but suffice to say, people like Mr. Steyer seem to be maliciously deceptive and mendaciously disingenuous.  What? Oh wait, I forgot to mention. Mr. Steyer is a financier of several ‘green’ energy projects that would benefit greatly from a climate change initiative. Seems that Mr. Steyer is a capitalist after all. A dirty one. But a capitalist. I thought democrats hated capitalism? 

Democrats seem to have embraced racism. The US education system has been terminally infected and infested by democratic liberals. If you love your children, do not surrender their minds to these serpents. I have read that several university indoctrination centers (Ohio University for one) are broadening the racial divide on campus. Several institutions have already enacted separate orientation and graduation events for black students. Some have even dedicated certain days that only black students are allowed on campus. My own alma mater has proposed such an idea. I’m sure that coming soon to a campus nearby there will be cafeterias labeled ‘White Only’ and water fountains labeled ‘Colored Only’. The KKK must be so proud that their ideas are alive and well on school campuses and in liberal democratic hearts. Government forced segregation is returning! Someone quick, raise the Confederate Battle Flag in the center of campus!

Odd, isn’t it that these are the same insane indoctrinators that are busy telling boys and girls that they are the same. Some are now suggesting that boys and girls should be allowed to use the same restrooms and showers. So, they want their subjects to believe their is no difference between sexes but there is a big difference between races? Who knew? Democrats are segregationists.

Democrats have an evil core. Dr. David Jeremiah is the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California. I would encourage everyone to listen to him speak. We won’t hold his residency in a state of lunacy against him. He recently wrote: “One way Satan strikes us is by creating rage and bitterness in our hearts. Everyone has moments of anger, but when that anger settles into hatred, resentment, and a grudge-like spirit, we’re in danger of giving place to the devil.” As anyone observed from the Judge Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings, any people, any group that bears false witness against another person is committing a heinous act. This comes from demonic service.

So, we can conclude that democrats are a mad army of brainwashed, ignorant, uneducated, demonic servants.

I think of it this way. Congresswoman Maxine Waters has led a chorus of other democrats  to instigate violence and harassment against all who disagree with their marxist, satanic  ideologies. We have all seen Maxine’s brown shirt army known as ‘antifa’ in action. Thus the acronym for democrats - M.A.D.D - Maxine’s Army of Demonic Dumbasses.

It seems that democrats and republicans now have a disagreement over morals.
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