Monday, September 26, 2016

Wake Up, America!!


What a week for america! The liars and cheaters were everywhere. Wells Fargo’s CEO was called before Congress to answer for his company’s core function of cheating customers through fraudulent accounts. Facebook had to admit that it had been lying to advertisers about duration of ads watched on Facebook. AT&T received a hefty fine for lying to customers about internet speed. Obama made his final UN appearance and proceeded to lie about everything america. Hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman was charged with insider trading. The Fed met and once again erased their previously drawn ‘red line’. No, they didn’t raise interest rates but intimated that higher rates were still ‘live’ at the next meeting. Sure they are. Could lying and cheating in america get any worse? Then there is the FDA and the DEA. 

Insys Therapeutics, headquartered in Arizona, is the maker of Subsys - a fentanyl- based drug. They will soon launch a synthetic THC-based drug. THC is the psychoactive chemical in cannabis. Insys just gave the movement to keep cannabis illegal $500,000 dollars. Yes, please read that last sentence again. The company making a synthetic THC wants to keep organic THC illegal. How are they doing it? Through the protection of the FDA with a donation of half a million dollars to the prohibition camp! Isn’t that called a ‘bribe’?

Insys CEO John Kapoor had this to say. "Our stance is consistent with our company's goals. We strive to develop pharmaceutical products for the supportive care of patients while taking patient safety very seriously. To that end, we believe that all available medicines should meet the clinical standards set by the FDA."

Didn’t the lying FDA and lying DEA say there was no medical application for cannabis? Liars!

Why would anyone want a synthetic THC chemical when they could have the original organic THC? The reason, Grasshopper is synthetic THC can be patented and organic THC can not. Patents mean monopoly and money! Therefore, big pharma would very much like to influence the government regulators to render only synthetic cannabis legal so they can monopolize the market. And you thought the CEO of Insys Therapeutics was only interested in our safety and good health? And you thought the US gooberment had your best interest in mind? 

The fact that the FDA and the DEA are simply bribed by pharmaceutical companies makes them both complete frauds. Then they just lie about literally everything to support their decisions.

The Insys CEO says he believes ‘all available medicines should meet the clinical standards set by the FDA’. Really? Why then is his company in trouble for killing people with the fentanyl drug they manufacture? Why then is his company in trouble for fraudulently marketing the fentanyl drug for therapy not approved by his FDA?

I suspect Mr. Kapoor knows that fentanyl is 80 times more potent than morphine and is just as addictive as herion, it’s opioid organic cousin. So far since the beginning of time, cannabis has never killed anyone. Mr. Kapoor’s drugs kill thousands every year.

When bringing up the subject of fraud and lies, the topic cannot be discussed without mention of the DEA. Just to add to a point from a previous post concerning the DEA’s quest to ban the herb known as kratom, the DEA claims there have been 15 deaths over the last two years due to kratom. Actually, only one death has ever been officially attributed to ‘kratom intoxication’. In all these cases, coroners admitted that the deceased had other chemicals in their system that could have caused death. Even if the 15 deaths were true, and since the DEA says it is we therefore know it can’t be because they are just yet another pathological lying arm of the pathological lying US gooberment, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) cited 52 deaths in year 2000 from an obviously more dangerous drug. That drug would be aspirin. Between years 2001 and 2010, aspirin killed some 1,500 people in the US according to data. So how is kratom more dangerous than aspirin? Still think the government is on your side?

I don’t mean to digress but as a disclosure, I have personally taken kratom. A few months ago I injured an elbow. Long story short, I heard grinding and snapping in the elbow, the elbow swelled up, turned all shades of blue and black, and felt as though something had torn loose thus causing extreme pain. My initial thought was surgery. Instead, a friend who was experienced in herbal medications, recommended kratom for pain. I took two tablets of a kratom extract instead of aspirin for the pain. The result was incredible. The pain subsided and I was fully recovered within a week. I can only attribute my recovery to the kratom. No, I did not get addicted to kratom like the DEA claims. In fact, I have not taken any since my initial dose. No, I didn’t hallucinate or attempt to bite anyones face or whatever ludicrous claims the DEA makes. In fact, I did not experience anything at all except pain relief and recovery. I too would recommend kratom for pain relief and joint ache. After all, that is why kratom has been used for centuries. Well, not after September 30 in america when kratom gets moved to the DEA’s schedule one drug list along with heroin and cannabis. Now a tablet of kratom is a federal offense. It is this sort of thing that makes america hard to respect.

Of course, we must remember too that kratom has been shown to reduce opioid dependence that big pharma makes a killing from - both literally and figuratively. This is just an example of the pathetic current state of america. Americans are truly afraid of everything. 

Sadly, this is the new america. Organic compounds from plants can’t be patented and monetized by big pharma. Synthetics can and money made from synthetics filters down to the congresstitutes who work for big pharma to keep us in the dark and big pharma rich. We, the citizens, no longer have a government to represent us.

So when reading the lies the gooberment puts out at the command of the pharma Johns who own the congresstitutes, remember this fact. The National Institute of Health estimates that aspirin alone sends 78,000 people a year to the emergency room. And, acetaminophen is also the nation’s leading cause of acute liver failure. Yet, it is legal.

So, let’s review.

America is a nation which is led by politicians, or congresstitutes, who know nothing, lie about everything, and accept payment for doing so just to enrich themselves with special interest money. American citizens are terrified of everything, offended by everything, and yet know nothing because their ‘news’ is more controlled than that of the North Koreans. The sad part is most americans are satisfied with a level of ignorance that is just profane.

Why do I even bother to write about this? Because I am a patriot of liberty and I know that liberty is all that stands between us and governmental enslavement. If we don’t fight for liberty, we will lose it. Then, we will live like the North Koreans.

Witness this from Vapor Voice magazine this month. Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a leading cancer research center. They just put out, in August, 2016, their research concluding that electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes. Lead author, Maciej Goniewicz, stated, “It’s the first time we have very strong evidence that we will be able now to give (smokers) that the answer is, yes, this you should consider a transition, a substitute for your tobacco cigarette that will save your life.”

Wow! There is a product that according to research can save lives and it is about to get banned in america because big pharma wants it banned. And, they will get it banned. Why? Because they paid for it to be banned!!

Big pharma, big tobacco, big government, and big government regulators have now passed legislation that will put most of the electronic cigarette industry out of business. Why?

How many times have we heard President Blowhard preach to us about the ‘science’ of climate change? Yet, where is the science behind prohibiting the vaporization of electronic cigarettes?


There can be only one conclusion. Instead of embracing a new industry that will lead to billions of dollars in sales in a economy that needs new products, instead of embracing a new product that unequivocally helps smokers to stop smoking known carcinogenic tobacco cigarettes, the US gooberment is moving to prohibition. Again, why?

It’s the money, Grasshopper. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) is one of the leaders against the vaping industry. This lobby group was created by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The founder, Mr. Johnson, was none other than the president and board member of Johnson and Johnson. J&J of course makes Nicorette gum and other smoking cessation products. Gee, Mr. Johnson would surely hate to see tobacco smokers quit by using vaping devices rather than his ridiculously over-priced gum. So, the John finds the congresstitutes to do his dirty work.

In a previous post, I highlighted the fact that Pfizer makes Chantix products that also are used for smoking cessation. In 2015, the FDA put a ‘black box’ warning on the Chantix product. The list of side effects is too long to list but suffice to say that due to the seizure and blackout effects attributed to Chantix, truckers and airline pilots have been prohibited from using the product. Yet, as the FDA moved to ban vapor products in the summer of 2016, the same fraudulent arm of the gooberment rescinded their previous ruling. The so-called black box warning is the step just before out-right banning. But in their zeal to do the work of big pharma, the FDA elected to allow Pfizer to remove most of the warning about Chantix and all the severe side effects. So far, the side effects of vaping e-liquids through an ENDS are, well, nothing. 

Why should non-smokers care? The congresstitutes that passed legislation to effectively strangle vaping gave draconian powers to the FDA - the government regulator in charge of SS duties. In their fervent effort to stamp out vapor products so the killing tobacco industry could keep, well, killing, the FDA also made End Nicotine Device Systems (ENDS) subject to product-killing expenses. Many of the ENDS use metal coils, cotton wicks, and batteries to make the devices work. So, citizens could now be arrested for being in possession of a battery, a cotton ball, or a piece of wire.

If ever there was a time in history to bring the current government to a halt and form a new one, the time is now!! There can be no freedom without truth. The current regime has no interest in truth - only control. Elect me president and see how fast things change!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why Everything Is The Way It Is


This article is a follow-up to my previous post, ‘US Governed By Johns and Prostitutes’.

I would like to offer a new term in the lexicon of the English language. That word is, ‘Congresstitute’. A Congresstitute is a person who is elected to the US Congress and then sells their vote and influence to the highest bidder. It is a prostitute who holds a political office.

Let's see how this works.

Take the subject of electronic cigarettes and cannabis.

The British Medical Journal reported that e-cigarettes may have helped 18,000 people in England to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes in 2015.

In the US, the Cochrane Review published a study saying that e-cigarettes apparently do help people to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and, they did not find any adverse health issues among those who vaped e-cigarettes over a two-year period.

However, ‘researchers’, no doubt paid off by, and funded by, big tobacco and big pharma continue to report that vaping e-cigarettes ‘could possibly’ be harmful and may in fact be a ‘gateway’ to eventual tobacco use. What a joke!!

Congresstitutes paid off by big tobacco and big pharma elected to try to put e-cigarettes out of business by putting the FDA in charge of their regulation. Oh, and there is now a huge fee required to be paid by the e-cigarette industry for every single product they want to offer for sale to the public. The fee can be from a quarter-million to a million for each product. This essentially puts all the small players out of business and gives big tobacco, who can afford the fees, a monopoly of the product. These of course would be the same tobacco companies who for years have been killing people with over 4,000 chemical additives to their tobacco cigarettes. Many of these chemicals are known carcinogens and many are there for their addictive principles. They are, of course, perfectly legal to buy and consume. E-cigarettes have therefore become ‘toxic’ to human health as if tobacco, alcohol, sugar, fluoride, chemical preservatives, food colorings, and all the other legal stuff is not. Is there really a good reason to extort huge sums of money from this new industry?

Multiple studies have shown that where medical cannabis is legally sold through dispensaries, opioid related deaths fall by 16% in the first year of legalization. And, the longer cannabis is legalized, the more the opioid death rate falls.

A long term study of cannabis users over several decades has found that the use of cannabis had no ill affects either mentally or physically in the users.

Why is this important? A study out says that opioid addiction costs the US taxpayer some $78 billion per year at the present.

Why are americans so routinely lied to and misled? When will the populace ever wake up and revolt? 

Through computer hackers, we now learn that Obama has been routinely selling government positions to the highest bidders. Turns out if a person wants a government appointment of some kind, all you have to do is pay the proper congresstittute.

America needs to change course or it will continue to degrade to insignificance.