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President Donald J. Trump - Patriot In A Swamp Of Traitors


President Donald J. Trump should already be considered one of the best presidents in US history even though he has held office for just over two years now. Certainly Donald J. Trump is one of the great patriots the country has ever produced. Obviously liberals, leftists, socialists, communists, or whatever democrats call themselves these days would disagree vehemently. For those brave enough to have an open mind, allow me to express a few observations. 

Let’s go to for a definition of the word, ‘patriot’. There are two definitions. The first definition is: ‘a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion’. President Trump surely meets the first definition as his detractors voice their hatred of the man for doing such.

The second definition of ‘patriot’ also fits President Trump. A patriot is ‘a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government’. Given the Democratic Party’s push into socialism and satanism, not a single democrat could be defined as an ‘American patriot’. Ditto for almost all Republicans.

The stupidity of the left never ceases to amaze me. They qualify themselves with terms like ‘resist’ and ‘revolutionist’. Yet, liberals don’t seem to understand that a desire to expand governmental powers is not ‘resisting’. It is surrendering to the state. The Constitution of the US is still to this day the most revolutionary document in print because it sought very limited federal government power and the document was even immediately amended to spell out individual liberties. Liberals want to crush these individual liberties because they think their opinions are the only ones that matter. That’s not ‘revolution’. That is subservience. Note to liberals: learn some vocabulary.

President Trump does not accept a salary and takes great criticism for his ‘America first’ mentality.

Contrast that with the communist approach. What does any good communist do when they assume power? They enrich themselves. Representative Ocasio-Cortez just announced big pay raises for her staff. Why not? It’s not her money. She intends to pay her staff an average minimum of $52k per year. Interesting how this communist portrays herself as a ’just like you people’ kind of gal, but the truth is 49% of american workers make less than $30k (according to US Census Bureau). 

Seventh President Andrew Jackson has no other equal and will always be the greatest American President. Jackson was the last US President to leave the country with zero debt. His budget was balanced. He ridded the country of the parasitic central bank. He kept the union together when civil war brewed on his watch. President Jackson achieved what even President Trump cannot.

The great Andrew Jackson exterminated the central bank from the soul of economic liberty. While the Congress of his day attempted to perpetuate the wicked cancer of central bankers, Andrew Jackson displayed genius and courage with the stroke of a veto pen that unleashed economic and social gain unparalleled in human history. President Jackson beautifully laid out his reasoning of the central bank veto. In summarizing, he wrote: ‘I have done my duty to my country’. Think for a moment how profound that statement truly is. President Jackson almost single-handedly made America as great as it is. President Jackson imposed fiscal discipline on his Congress and constituents alike. Thanks to Jackson inflation was nil all the way up to 1913. And to think, Jackson is also known as the father of the modern Democratic Party. A democrat who imposed fiscal discipline and zero debt! My, how far the party has fallen! 

President Trump keeps a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office. President Jackson was a patriot too. One duty of a patriot is to tell the truth. Granted, no one is completely honest but true patriots push for honesty even if their constituents don’t want to hear it. How does President Trump rank in terms of honesty, truth, and patriotism?

Well, let’s examine what we know now that we would have never known if President Trump not been elected.

President Trump exposed Hillary Clinton for the liar and criminal she is. Ms. Clinton worked with the ‘deep state’ anti-american traitors to concoct a ridiculous ‘Russian election collusion’ story to overthrown and destroy President Trump.

President Trump exposed President Barack Obama for the destructive economic and social policies he embraced. (Trade agreements that allowed countries to take advantage of the US, weapons treaties that everybody cheated, weaponized the IRS, FBI, CIA to extort money from businesses, destroyed my health insurance, etc.)

President Trump exposed the FBI and CIA as corrupt institutions filled with communists (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, etc) who worked with democrats to affect a coup against a legitimately elected president.

President Trump exposed the ‘news media’ as a completely disingenuous, untruthful, deceitful arm of the democratic party that functions in very similar fashion to the Nazi propaganda machine of the WWII era.

President Trump exposed the democratic party, and to a degree the laughable and pathetic republican party, as pure socialists bent on destruction of american ideals. The government has taken over health care, mortgage loans, student loans, and increased the burden of regulation sufficient to strangle the strongest of economies. Democrats voted for and built a partial wall along the southern US border only to reverse course and oppose President Trump in the same effort. A nation without defined and protected borders is not a sovereign nation. It seems democrats and republicans alike opposed everything the President needs to do simply because President Trump is not a disgusting, despicable, vermin politician.   

President Trump exposed the sham of the most recent election cycle as one perverted by non-citizens voting by the millions. Democrats support every non-US citizen’s right to vote in US elections except Russians apparently. Maybe democrats are simply bigots toward Russians?

President Trump has exposed emerging leaders of the democratic party for the weasels they are. Senator Pelosi is a spineless cancer who has led her party to outright socialism. Senator Harris recently claimed she was black by pandering to her listeners recalling her days in college smoking marijuana and listening to Tupac. Only, Tupac hadn’t yet recorded anything at that point and Ms. Harris’ ancestry is west Indian and Jamaican. Senator Warren claimed all her life to be ‘native american’ so her minority status could advance her all the way to a professorship at Harvard Indoctrination Center. Only, Senator Warren is not native american. Let’s not even get into horrible humans like Senator Hirono who believes white men are guilty until proven innocent and Reps Cortez, Omar, and Tliab who are not only bigots but mental midgets who despise America.

President Trump has exposed the ‘Justice Department’ to be anything but. Clearly there are multiple laws now depending on whose side we are on. Democrats can break any law and utter any hatefulness but never face consequences while republicans who do the same will be investigated, prosecuted, and vilified. While it is clear beyond 20/5 vision that Hillary Clinton and the democrats colluded with Russians and everybody else, she will never be brought to justice. The ‘Justice Department’ is now simply a gestapo arm that ignores law and justice to suit its needs. I pray to God that ‘Agent Strzok’ never comes after me to frame me for a crime I did not commit.

President Trump has exposed the Republican party for the most part as democrats with another name. A better name for this party would be ‘Lichens’. Lichens are the fungus that grows on trees. Lichens are part fungus and part algae. They just sit there. They don’t do anything. For all the pompousness and protestations of people like Trey Gowdy and Lindsey Graham, nothing ever becomes of their words. Nothing. Lichens. Sadly, most republicans are as hostile toward President Trump as the democrats. Fortunately, republicans will never have power because they are stuck outside the Senate Building pushing on the door marked ‘Pull’.

President Trump has exposed the unfairness of trade agreements signed by previous presidents and has begun to right the ship. He has brought communist China, one of the biggest cheaters on everything, to the bargaining table.

President Trump has been the leader and the example of courage as some European countries, Hungary and Italy, and South America’s largest economic power, Brazil have elected leaders like President Trump that stand up for their own citizens. Many people even in France are beginning to see they need a ‘President Trump’.

President Trump pushed forth a tax cut, along with simply his presence in the Oval Office I believe, that prompted an economic gain not seen since Jackson’s era. Unemployment is now the lowest on record. Unemployment for people of color is the lowest on record. Wages are rising. Business is booming. Maybe lower taxation and less government regulation makes the economy stronger! Duh!

President Trump exposed the Federal Reserve bank for what it is - a stock market manipulator. As the Fed sought once again to raise interest rates to push the US economy into a recession, President Trump had the intelligence and courage to pressure the Fed to cease and desist. They did and stocks continued higher. For Jacksonian greatness, President Trump will need to terminate the Federal Reserve altogether.

President Trump has exposed those who oppose him as humans possessed consumed by pure hate. The President’s opponents use words which they do not understand. They call President Trump ‘racist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘xenophobic’, and many other horrible words. But when one objectively looks at the President’s policies and actions, he is none of those things. Is his language sometimes course? Yes. Andrew Jackson was known to have a sharp tongue as well. President Jackson once said it is a lazy mind that can only think of one way to spell a word. 

President Trump has exposed the job of the President as one best suited for a businessman and not an attorney. Former President Jimmie Carter is the exception but he was born without intestinal fortitude. He was also a democrat. Just sayin’. While his detractors continue to argue that President Trump is unfit for service, results speak for themselves.

President Trump has shown the world that the world needs America more than America needs the world. Like it or not, the world respects power and commitment. A few years back, Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez, had an opportunity to align his country with the US. Instead he joined Cuba and communism. His country is in total shambles today. Walk softly and wield that big stick, President Trump!

President Trump has done the unimaginable as far as the Obama administration goes in that President Trump brought nuclear power North Korea to the bargaining table. Whether or not North Korea will reduce its threat level remains to be seen. But, President Trump is the first American President to forge one-on-one-talks with the North Korean leadership.

President Trump has exposed modern sports organizations as anti-american racists. The President has spoken about jerks like Colin Kaepernick who show disdain for police officers while he shows support for criminals and communist dictators like Cuba’s Castro. Sports teams who win championships always get invited to visit the White House. While they all loved going there when a darker skinned man sat in the oval office, they refuse to even show respect for the office now that President Trump resides there. I think we all know why. I for one no longer watch sports. 

President Trump has exposed the ‘entertainment’ world as a mostly pathetic bunch of whining, childish, ignorant, judgmental, self-righteous, hypocritical, condescending clowns who make money pretending to be someone else. They serve their master well.

President Trump has finally exposed the Democratic Party for its true self. By endorsing the murder of newly born babies (their ‘abortion’ view), a moral person can only conclude that allegiance to the party is allegiance to Satan. Satan requires blood sacrifice. Our Bible told us that he would eventually reveal himself. Indeed he has.   

President Trump’s accomplishments are even greater considering the democrats, the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, and a perverted media have all sought to destroy the Trump presidency. Also worth mentioning is President Trump had to deal with perhaps the biggest traitor in American history, his AG Jeff Sessions.

President Jackson had, in his day, similar foes who worked vociferously against him. Genius is never recognized in the present. Van Gogh supposedly only sold one painting in his lifetime. Rodin was rejected from art school twice. Einstein was relegated to working as a clerk in a patents office. Copernicus spent his end days under house arrest for his idea that the Earth orbited the sun. Michael Jordan was told to go to trade school. Idiots never recognize genius in their presence. 

True, the criterion bar of great Presidents is very low. Few people, other than myself, seem to understand, for example, why President Obama flew down to Antarctica near the end of his term. Once upon a time the Presidential bar of competency was lowered so that it was laying on the ground. Any breathing life form could surpass this level. I believe this was done after President Lincoln. Then came President Wilson and it was realized that Wilson was the most horrific leader ever unleashed on humanity. Think the Federal Reserve Bank, the federal government getting access to payroll tax, prohibition, WWI, etc. - all on Wilson’s watch. His bar had to go even lower. So, I believe engineers began to drill into the Earths crust to find a low enough position for Wilson’s bar of competency/destruction. They went to Antarctica and drilled through the crust to the lower mantle. That was still too high so they drilled to the lowest point of the Earth to the inner core. They laid Wilson’s bar there. Many others have followed. Johnson, Nixon, Crater(a nod to Pat Paulson), Bush, and Bush. President Obama’s bar was laid there with Wilson and Bush I and II. That’s what I think.       

While he is not perfect, President Donald J. Trump continues to do his duty to his country. He has shown us a lot of truth. Most of it is ugly but a free people are only free if they live the truth. President Donald J. Trump is a patriot. We should all stand and salute! If nothing else, we all owe President Donald J. Trump a debt of gratitude. At least we know the face of America’s real enemies. 

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

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  1. Well said. My one hope is that we WILL see Hillary and some of her rats fry in a court of law. Until there are cuffs, there is no trust.
    Carry on Mr. Trump, carry on and thank you for your service. I fly the Old Glory every day in support of your efforts! God speed and MAGA until 2025!!