Monday, July 1, 2013


Texas Governor Rick Perry participated in a presidential candidate debate last year and couldn’t remember three things that he was supposedly for. He turned to the camera with that ‘deer in the headlights’ look and said, “Whoops!” Intellectually overpowered by the other mental midgets on stage, Mr. Perry went back to Texas to govern the citizens of the state. He, and his state, are now the face of american ignorance.

The state of Texas is taking on the issue of abortion. A reported group of several thousand are rallying in protest of more restrictions to abortion rights. Their picture gave me the motivation to write this piece. I feel for them. Woefully ignorant. Intellectually stupefied. Incarcerated by their patriotism. Completely deceived by their belief in a political system. Arguing over an apple while standing amidst an orchard. This is the face of america. 

Mr. Perry is leading the fight to restrict abortions in Texas. For his part, he believes he is doing what he was elected to do. He said in part, “...value life and want to protect women and the unborn”. Seriously? Texas just executed the state’s 500 person last week. That person was a 52-year old woman convicted in a Texas court of murder. Texas also leads the world in wrongful executions. Here lies the apple in the orchard. 

The founding fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence for America realized that government was and is, simply bad. Therefore, the best government is one that is put in a box and kept there forever. Why? Governments are by nature deleterious. If government is allowed to do one thing, they will then do a second. And then a third. And so on. Pretty soon  the governed are shackled and punished by stupid laws written by people with names like Bush, Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Perry, and on, and on, and on. 

As we approach america’s ‘independence day’, we should all try to think of what it is that we are independent from. Our elected leaders surrendered america to a bunch of mendacious and vile banksters in 2007 giving them free reign to do anything they wanted as long as they made the Dow Jones Industrial average rise. Unelected power mercenaries like Paulson and Bernanke seized the moment to dupe the profoundly ignorant elected leaders into giving up control of their country. Once the banksters seized control, all control was lost. Liberty was crushed. But the Dow rose. Isn’t that all that matters?

Now look at the world on July 1, 2013. It seems like every country on the planet is experiencing riots and demonstrations. It all comes back to the same thing. There is too much government and too much government control. It’s a slow process but eventually the average citizen begins to realize that something has gone wrong. Somehow, the government is making all the personal decisions that the geniuses of liberty sought to exclude from government discretion. In Brazil, the supposed economic miracle has proven to be just another balloon that was expanded on the gas of other peoples’ money. When that money ran out, the balloon popped. The government started a power grab in an effort to generate more money to keep the government going. They raised gasoline prices and so on. Finally they raised bus fairs by nine cents and the camel’s back was broken. Citizens poured into the streets finally in protest. Every nation that is experiencing unrest in the streets has brought on that unrest by exerting too much control over peoples’ lives. Eventually, people get tired of it and rebel. The trick is to not allow government any power. For goodness sakes, I wouldn’t even want an incompetent dope like pelosi filling up my gas tank - much less voting for destructive legislation that she hadn’t even taken the time to read. Suffice to say, as long as the legislation was crafted by someone with a ‘D’ behind their name, she is for it!

Now Mr. Perry wants to kill some people while at the same time, he wants us to think he values life. This isn’t really about life or punishment for crime. This is about governmental control. Why is it anybody’s business what a woman discusses with her doctor? Why is it anybody’s business what a woman does in her choice of reproduction? Why are my phone calls and emails listened to and read by the US regime? Why is it the responsibility of the central bank to determine the correct price of IBM stock or the correct price of a US Treasury bond?

The point is, until these pathetically ignorant people demonstrating outside an Austin, Texas Capitol building understand the importance of the orchard, they will never understand the value of a single apple. We, the people, should control the orchard and not the regime. If the regime controls the orchard, then they control every single apple. It is our money, we, the people, that funds the government. We should not allow them under any circumstances to become a regime and lord over the orchard. Once we allow them to frisk us at an airport, then they can frisk us anywhere. Once we allow the regime to listen to a single phone call without due process of law, then they can listen to any other phone call they choose. 

Our liberty is only as good as the liberty of our neighbor. If we can tell our neighbor what to do, then our neighbor can tell us what to do. Then, none of us have liberty. 

Once a member of a political party is convinced their party is superior over another  political party, we have established a society of elitism. 

Once a member of a party is allowed to use legislation to mandate morality over other people, we have established a society of restrictiveness. 

Once we cede control over economics and capitalism, we have opened Pandora’s box. She may make us feel good initially, but the end result is we will eventually find ourselves in that same box.

We should celebrate the genius of our founding fathers like Jefferson, Morris, and Madison. But we should not be fooled by the faux patriotism of cloth and song. We should stand up and join arms in our own revolution. In 1776, our forefathers knew their enemy. Their revolution had a focus. The problem is today, the ignorant populace of the US hasn’t a clue. The banksters have managed to distract the hungry by arguing over an apple while they stand in the midst of an orchard. Whoops!

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