Friday, May 4, 2012

Lies, Preposterous Lies, Ridiculous Lies

The headline basically describes the US regime. Anyone with a single vibrant brain cell should be outrageously offended by anyone or any body constantly telling a lie and expecting the listener to believe. If we are to be a respected people, we should demand respect from those who supposedly represent us in government. I use the word ‘supposedly’ because the US government is a failed institution. The supposedly elected people that hold office are common traitors and have no interest in representing the people of the land. But, sorry to say, the populace is too stupid, too ignorant, too apathetic, and too brainwashed to understand what has happened to the world. Present readers are of course excluded from the populace of which I am referring. The vast majority of the oafs don’t want to know anything and they are content in their cognitive dribble. Intelligence has dissolved to a point that it cannot be fathomed but can be illustrated.
‘Amendment One’ is floating around to get the populace involved in legislating marriage. Everyone seems to have an opinion as to whether or not marriage should be solely reserved for a partnership of a male and a female. Most people feel strongly one way or the other. Everyone knows about this issue. Yet, the traitors in Congress passed the National Defense Act a few months ago and there was no debate nor protest. Not a peep! The NDA gives the regime in control of government the right to order the military to  evict any of us from our property, seize anything they want, imprison us, and even torture us with no right to legal counsel. Crickets. Nothing. Not a peep. We surrender. Gay marriage? Hold on there. We are willing to march and protest that one. America does not deserve to be free. We don’t have the courage for it. Clearly we no longer are. Just ask Ted Nugent.
Uncle Ted made a few remarks at an NRA rally and the regime sent the CIA out to scold the guitar player. Disagree with the regime and punishment will be forthcoming. The fourth amendment has been stricken. The first is becoming a bit of a joke. Ted’s mistake is in believing the military is on his side. 
And now, back to the lies. The month of April was negative for the most part as the Dow struggled with the reality that the world economy was still very weak. Just in time to prop up the monthly statement, the Bernanke popped out of his hole and promised to keep the stimulus propellers turning underneath the Dow. Presto! The Dow recovered all losses of the first three weeks of the month in the last furious rally week. Ain’t he special? 
As May started, the ISM numbers out of three regions of the country came out very negative. Especially weak was the Chicago ISM number. It was the weakest in years. Why is Chicago important? One, of lot of the nation’s manufacturing is located in the Chicago region and two, much of the nation’s manufactured goods travel through Chicago thus giving the region a pretty good proxy for the health of overall manufacturing levels. Of course, the liars countered this development with preposterous lies that manufacturing was really okay. In fact, a day after this regional ISM report came out, the lying gooberment issued a report that manufacturing was the strongest in April that it had been in a year. Every category was up. Not that anyone cares to but if we were to read all the government disclosures, we can see that none of the regional ISM numbers were included in the official government lie. Uh, I mean report. In other words, the manufacturing report that the gooberment put out was just some numbers they wrote down to make us feel better and of course to drive the Dow higher. It did. Then a few people sniffed the ludicrous lie with the initial ADP jobs report. ADP reckoned that April enjoyed a mere 115,000 new jobs. This was quite a disappointment to the brainwashed community. What with manufacturing picking up so strongly in April and all, it would seem that somebody is telling a lie. I think we all know who that might be. So the Dow stumbled a bit on Thursday. 
Friday simply saw verification of the weak job creation number and the Dow plunged. How can manufacturing be so strong and job creation so weak? How can consumer spending be so strong (as reported by gooberment liars) and reports from retailers like Target and Macy’s be so weak? In fact, retailers had the worst month of April in three years. Yet, a peak into the gooberment employment propaganda report showed that of the 115,000 new jobs in April. 23,000 of them came from the retail sector. In case readers don’t keep up with retail, those would be minimum wage type jobs. These gooberment reports are just ludicrous lies. To get an explanation, the Labor Secretary was interviewed on the financial networks Friday morning. She gave some kind of babbling nearly incoherent blabber about how the jobs report was actually pretty good and pointed out that the official unemployment rate had fallen to 8.1%. Granted, I have covered this phenomena countless times but again, when there is a weak job creation number, the gooberment will always report a lower unemployment number. This is the way the propaganda machine works in third world dictator-run regimes and this is the way it works here. What do we expect. We don’t demand the truth. Why? Because as we saw Friday, the truth might make the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall. Lies give way to preposterous lies that give way to just ridiculous lies. And the reason the unemployment rate fell to 8.1%? Another 300,000 dropped out of the work force. In other words, almost thee times as many people quit the labor force as joined it. How is this a good thing again? The US now has slightly less than two people supporting every one that does not work. There is the truth!!! Sooner or later the stock indices will feel this burden.
The chart below is a five-year look at the Dow in red/black and the gold miner ETF, XAU, in gold. All of us with at least one functioning brain cell should know by now that the stock indices are now a function of inflation and not valuation. The Fed’s coup de etat in August of 2007 locked in this relationship. The chart below clearly shows that gold miner index tracks very closely with the Dow. Both are inflation measures. The XAU actually tends to foreshadow overall trends with the Dow being a laggard. Clearly, the XAU has been signaling for some time now that something was wrong. XAU has been selling off over the past year or so while the Dow has enjoyed a Benjamin Bernanke bubble ride higher. Either the Dow must fall or the XAU must rise. Here is the rub. Gold miners are seeing the price of inflation as mining costs are making gold extraction more expensive. The XAU has been weakening to coincide with this fact. Clearly, the XAU is breaking lower over 2012 while the Dow has been rising like the bubble that it is. May is here. The Fed’s latest manipulation program is ending in June and it is time for the Dow to crash. Will it follow XAU lower? For whatever my opinion is worth, the Dow will crumble into the beginning of summer when Benjamin Bernanke will announce the next manipulation program. God forbid we ever be exposed to the truth! Head to the sidelines and wait for QE4. That’s all we have. Unless of course we are willing to embrace the truth. Nah!! 
Lies, preposterous lies, and ludicrous lies. That’s all we deserve anyway. That’s all we expect from our overseers. 

DJIA in red/black, XAU in gold - past 5 years, weekly
Chart courtesy

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