Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Obama’s Legacy - America Should Be Ashamed

Ricardo Lara is a state senator from California. He was awarded the ‘Champion of Change’ award by Barrack Obama. Part of that ‘change’ that Mr. Ricardo champions is a recent bill he introduced in the Californian legislature. The proposed bill prohibits private christian colleges from requiring a profession of a relationship with Jesus Christ from students. I wonder if his bill would get as much support if there were muslim schools that required a profession of a relationship with Allah? Not that it matters but Mr. Lara is openly gay. He doesn’t want institutions to infringe on his beliefs but when it comes to christians, apparently their beliefs don’t count. I’m sure Mr. Obama concurs. This is another example of how an empire crumbles from within. The LGBTQ movement is designed to further divide and dilute the fabric of what was once america.

Mr. Lara shares the same mentality of Mr. Obama. That is, government’s role is to rule rather than represent. Rulers oppress. Leaders encourage. Mr. Lara and Mr. Obama obviously disagree with the right of christians to require certain behavioral and philosophical standards when attending privately funded institutions. However, the logic of these rulers is flawed. LGBTQ supporters like Mr. Lara want everyone else to accept their views while at the same time, they reject the views of others that may run counter. As with slavery, liberty cannot be awarded to one group if it serves to oppress liberties of other groups. Rulers foment this restriction of liberty.

There are many reasons Mr. Obama’s tenure in the White House has produced so little in actual economic activity. Even with a doubling of the national debt, Mr. Obama will be the first president in US history to rule over an economy that never grew more than 3% in his tenure. The debt that Mr. Obama piled on amounts to more debt than all the other presidents in US history combined piled on. As he thankfully prepares to leave office in a few more very long months, Mr. Obama will leave the nation as a whole much poorer and much less free. Leaving citizens less free should be his most shameful legacy.     

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