Tuesday, April 9, 2019

America Was Great Once - When The Imbeciles Knew They Were Imbeciles


President Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was, and is, to ‘Make America Great Again’. How could anyone not support MAGA? Democrats of course have objected to this reference as being racist, white supremacist, homophobic, xenophobic, Nazi-like, blah, blah, blah. All democrats from former President Obama to Eric Holder (former AG) to every current member of Congress has refuted the President’s sentiment. No Democrat believes that America was ever ‘great’. Almost all of them have said so.

I disagree.

America was great at one time. That was when the imbeciles knew they were imbeciles. They knew their place. Dr. Frankenstein had his Igor. Hardy had his Laurel. Jed Clampett had his Jethro. Buggs Bunny had his Elmer Fudd. Imbeciles knew who they were. They didn’t lust for power which they could not exercise. The imbeciles did not aspire for dominance, much less control. Imbeciles never used to make speeches in public and they sure didn’t run for public office. Now the imbeciles feel emboldened by liberal democrats and they want to tell the rest of us what to do.

Ah, the good old days - when America was great!

In high school, students destined for college adhered to a curriculum of higher sciences, mathematics, and literature. Students not destined for college filled their curriculum with basic science, basic math, and shop-type classes. Student government typically included those students bound for college. Those students not bound for college did not aspire for class presidency or any other leadership position. The more cognitively challenged students even had their own curriculum.

Today, America has been hypnotized into a fantasy world where anything is possible if we just believe it. Dumb kids can excel in trigonometry. The kid making a ‘D’ in shop class can be class President. The weirdest kid in school can be voted ‘Most likely to succeed’. Transgender men want to dominate women’s sports. No one seems to know who they are anymore. Everyone has a place on the team but people don’t seem to understand their role. Dumb people and weirdos should not be leaders!

America has now been infected with political leaders who have no morals, no education (only indoctrination), and no discernible intellect. Both political parties have their share of imbeciles but come on - why are the imbeciles in charge?

President Trump has at least temporarily saved the Republican Party from a demise to insignificance. But who will save the Democrat Party?

The Democrats have adopted a plastic straw ban policy conceived by a 9-year old school kid who wrote an erroneous and brief paper on plastic straw pollution. (Can’t blame the kid - he was only 9. Schools only indoctrinate. They have abandoned education.)

They have adopted an anti-second amendment stance conceived by a 17-year old high school twit who has the protection of an FBI agent father with a gun.

They have adopted a ‘climate change’ agenda based on fake data and ignorance of actual geothermal and atmospheric fact. Their solutions to the imagined ‘climate change’ comes from a newly elected to the House 29-year old bartender who seems to have no understanding of anything whatsoever.

They have adopted economic policies conceived by Karl Marx which has led to disaster everywhere implemented. Think Venezuela as the latest casualty.

The Democrats even get moral guidance from people who favor infanticide.

These are the people that think that America was ‘never that great’.

If America, to paraphrase most democrats, ‘never was that great’, who’s fault is that?

Well, from 1933 to 2010, democrats have held a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate for 70 of those 77 years. In 17 of those 70 years in which democrats held a majority in the House and the Senate, the President was also a democrat. In the same time period, Republicans have enjoyed only 7 of 70 years of House and Senate control and only 3 years of political dominance with the President being a Republican as well. We can review this information at: http://cstl-cla.semo.edu/rdrenka/ui320-75/presandcongress.asp.

Stunned yet? How stupid are these people? How stupid do the democrat politicians think their constituents must be? Answer: pretty stinking stupid. Now of course they will follow the lead of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and speak to constituents in a fake southern drawl.

The imbeciles don’t seem to understand that the world that they dislike so much was crafted by people of their own political party’s allegiance. America was great once in spite of political buffoonery.

But my how things have suddenly changed! The imbeciles now think they are the smart people. Oh Lord, save us!

Witness the parade of imbeciles who think the ‘dunce hat’ is a ‘wizard’s hat’.

Poor Representative Ocasio-Cortez. She thinks Republicans passed the 22nd amendment that limited a President’s term to two terms only just to keep FDR from serving another term. Of course, the amendment came to law in 1947. FDR passed away in 1945. Whew! The US ‘education’ system is a total failure and yet the indoctrinators are getting raises? 

Odd isn’t it how AOC portrays herself as a politician that supports the poor and the working class. Yet, it was FDR that perpetrated one of the biggest heists in history by outlawing private ownership of gold. The big banks gobbled up the gold and then as an encore, FDR allowed gold to be revalued higher by some 75%. This was of course a bailout for the Federal Reserve Bank which was out of gold and out of money printing at the time. Who says, ‘Crime doesn’t pay’? AOC is criminally stupid. Sorry, that may be a bit harsh. AOC is a product of a failed ‘educational’ system that has simply morphed into a ‘social indoctrination system’. Imbecile! 

Odd, isn’t it how the Senator Pelosi demands to read the entire Mueller ‘Russian collusion’ report (more than 300 or so pages) concerning President Trump’s non-collusion with Russians in the 2016 elections. She rejects AG Barr’s 4-page summary. This is the same Senator of the party that rammed through a 1000-page ‘Obamacare’ takeover of healthcare and did not read a line of the legislation. Pelosi herself famously said at the time, “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it”. Has there ever been a bigger hypocrite that walked the face of the Earth? Imbecile!

Odd, isn’t it that the democrats claim a wall protecting the sovereign land of the US is immoral and so too is the ‘caging’ of illegal alien minors. Yet, this is the same Democrat Party that sees no immorality in the killing of a newborn infant. Would they change their minds if the newborn infant scheduled for murder was the child of an illegal alien? Imbeciles!

Odd, isn’t it that the democrats still claim President Trump to be a ‘Russian agent’. Yet, President Trump has pressed multiple sanctions on Russia, terminated weapons treaties, and has pressed other world leaders to avoid business with Russia. And, Mr. Trump did not get a favorable deal to build a hotel in Russia. If President Trump is indeed a Russian agent, then he is most definitely a traitor - to Russia! Imbeciles!

Isn’t it odd that Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke spoke supportively of Muslim America-hating Rep. Ilhan Omar after her latest racist anti-semitic remarks. He said she was now the ‘most important member of Congress’. When Mr. Duke voiced support of President Trump, Mr. Trump was branded a ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ by the liberals. I’m sure the same liberals will now brand Rep. Omar as a like racist. Or, maybe logic means absolutely nothing to these people? Rep. Omar has a lot in common with Mr. Duke. Only, Rep. Omar is allowed to wear her klan hood every day in congress. Imbeciles.

Isn’t it odd that New Mexico passed a law permitting law enforcement personnel to confiscate guns from citizens deemed to be at risk. Two-thirds of county sheriffs said they would not enforce this law. The state’s Attorney General said these sheriffs should resign. Yet, New Mexico refused to enforce federal immigration laws. Maybe the AG should resign? While the New Mexico AG thinks walls are immoral, he should be reminded that New Mexico continues to enjoy the stolen bounty of search and seizure policies that can only be described as theft. Imbeciles!

Isn’t it odd that Pope Francis said this about President Trump: ”A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel.” Yet, the Pope is a man that lives behind walls protected by heavily armed military personnel. Odder yet, the Pope discriminates when it comes to his personal life. His guards can only be men from Switzerland who stand at least five-feet, eight inches tall. Women need not apply. Short people need not apply. Citizenship? Forget it. Only Vatican employees can be citizens of the Vatican City. Imbecile!  

Isn't it odd that boring actor Samuel L. Jackson said that “Trump supporters were complicit in the destruction of the planet”. Yet, Mr. Jackson no doubt uses airplanes to fly to his movie destinations while his films are shown in theaters that consume electricity generated by fossil fuels and nuclear plants. Imbecile!

Then there is poor old Jeb Bush. He recently wished aloud that the Republican Party would support a candidate to challenge President Trump in the primaries. What a moron. Jeb Bush may have edged out AOC as the stupidest human on Earth. Republicans rejected 17 republican candidates at the last primary in favor of Mr. Trump. Nobody likes Republicans. Nobody. No-body!! The Republican Party is DEAD. They are all idiots who promise a lot and do nothing. Think Trey Gowdy or Lindsey Graham. Think traitors like Paul Ryan and former Senator Traitor Flake. A Republican couldn’t even win a Republican primary. Has Jeb completely lost his mind or is he a secret democrat? Imbecile!

Not to be out imebeciled, chronic politician Democrat Stacey Abrams still refuses to concede her loss in the Georgia Governor election of 2018. She claims the GOP ‘stole’ the election. Really? Ever heard of California and how that communist state stole and rigged elections in favor of fellow communists? Wow, what a imbecile!

How about Marxist San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz? She is constantly badmouthing President Trump with all the socialist talking points that a parrot could memorize. Hurricane Urma devastated the island a few years ago. President Trump immediately sent water and supplies. Puerto Rico’s Mayor Cruz failed to distribute supplies due to total incompetency and much of the food rotted on the docks. The only person that can help is President Trump and this imbecile of a Mayor continues to attack President Trump. Can anyone possibly imagine how different Puerto Rico’s response to the aftermath of the hurricane would have been had President Trump been Mayor of Puerto Rico instead of Imbecile Cruz? I imagine the island would already have several luxury hotels bringing in tourists and island unemployment would be - well, as low as it is in the US mainland. That is, almost zero. Elections have consequences. The people of Puerto Rico elected an imbecilic, bigoted Marxist as Mayor to keep them in poverty. Enjoy the results!

A woman was in a Starbucks in the communist run bay area when a older gentleman walked in wearing a MAGA hat. The woman, Parker Mankey, photographed the man and berated him in front of customers. She then posted the encounter to her social justice page with the caption, “If you see him in this hat, please confront him. You do not want to be the person who didn’t speak up as we slipped into fascism.” Ms. Mankey also called the gentleman a ‘Nazi’ - as if she had any understanding whatsoever of what defines a true ‘Nazi’.  After all, it seems as if Ms. Mankey is the ‘brown shirt gestapo’ actor in this case. The gentleman Ms. Mankey assaulted and branded ‘Nazi’ is Jewish. Imbecile!

Hello Imbecile Mankey. Publicly berating and harassing citizens for their attire IS FASCISM. Sure, this is what the human species embarrassment Senator Maxine Waters has been imploring her cultists to do when they spot a President Trump supporter. Hate begets more hate. Imbecilism begets more imbecilism. Why are imbeciles lecturing the rest of us? Have they no shame in their intellectual inferiority?

So why don’t the imbeciles know who they are? It seems that they have been empowered by the real slave masters. Those who lust for power over other human beings routinely ignore individual rights of speech, protection, and security of possessions. The slave masters have used ‘political correctness’ and social issues to divide and conquer. Slave masters have elevated the imbeciles because the imbeciles are easier to control. Think ‘climate change’ and understand how this issue gives more power and more money to slave masters who have no allegiance to the common person. Of course, there are way more imbeciles than intellectuals as evidenced by college campuses across America. The imbeciles now feel important enough that their voice should be heard. 

America can only be great when it is led by those blessed with the intellectual capacity to balance morality, liberty, individualism, fairness, and true economic capitalism. Those such leaders are the few who accept their blessing and rise to the challenge. The more intellectually challenged should learn who they are and where they fit so as to not find themselves in political leadership roles where their dumbassery becomes evident to all. Find the smart people. Listen to them. Learn from them.

The term ‘democracy’ is a buzzword the democrats love to throw around but democracies are for idiots. Third President Jefferson said it best. “Democracies lead to mob rule”. Mobs are unthinking imbeciles. Review Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’ movie and laugh again at the mob scene in which the mob tries to define what qualifies as a witch. Now look at the current Democratic Party. Life imitates art.  

Perhaps Galileo himself said it best: "In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Proof Jussie Smollett Guilty of Hate Hoax


Jussie Smollett has been given national, if not international attention since he filed a police report alleging a hate crime perpetrated against him - a gay black man. He alleged that he went out for a sandwich on a sub-zero freezing night in Chicago when he was accosted by two white men wearing MAGA hats. Mr. Smollett fended them off while retaining possession of his sandwich all the while chatting on his cell phone. The offenders were somehow able to douse Mr. Smollett with bleach and fashion a noose around his neck. We all know this story.

Police investigated and found that Mr. Smollett had concocted the entire event with the help of two black friends. The friends confessed. Police recovered video of the the two friends buying the red MAGA caps and other supplies at a convenience store. Chicago police charged Mr. Smollett with multiple felonies.

Interesting to note that Mr. Smollett was allowed to turn himself in to police. Yet, a few months ago, President Trump associate Roger Stone was indicted for lying and was subsequently raided at 6AM by some 20 or so members of SWAT with CNN on site to film the action.

Upon submitting the case to the county Prosecutor Kim Foxx, the case was immediately dropped, sealed, and records expunged. Charges dropped. Case closed.

But wait a second.

If Prosecutor Foxx is correct, then Mr. Smollett did not stage this horrific hate crime. Therefore, there are two white guys running around in MAGA hats randomly attacking black folks and simulating a lynching. Why in today’s environment is the city of Chicago and the FBI allowing two people to get away with this crime? There can be no tolerance for hate crimes in America. Why did the Prosecutor drop this case?

Sure, Mr. Smollett is a personal friend of the Obamas.

Sure, the Obamas intervened on Mr. Smollett’s behalf.

Sure, Mr. Smollett is a gay black man. 

Sure, the Chicago Prosecutor is a black woman.

Sure, Prosecutor Foxx would never let an actual hate crime against a gay black man to go unpunished, un-investigated, and never spoken of again.

Yet, Prosecutor Foxx closed the case.
But I thought a crime was committed here? Emmett Till was a black man in Mississippi who was accused of unwanted sexual advances toward a white woman some 70 years ago. Mr. Till was beaten and hanged for the accusation. The accusation was of course false. False accusations lead to terrible miscarriages of justice. My recent article on Emmett Till here: http://bmfinvest.blogspot.com/2019/02/. 

So, if Mr. Smollett is innocent, then two people are guilty of assault and a hate crime. Yet, the Chicago Prosecutor refuses to press the case. Is she racist? 

All this leaves us with one conclusion. That is, Prosecutor Foxx has given us proof that in fact Jussie Smollett is guilty himself of staging a hate crime with the intent of fomenting a race war in America. Like all criminals, Mr. Smollett will live with his guilt the rest of his life. We all know the truth - thanks to Prosecutor Foxx.

Justice in America has died and now lies in a grave next to Liberty and Equality.