Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Stock Alert: The Dikembe Mutombo Continues to Hold!


A lot of people voice opposition to walls. Funny. There is a wall on the Dow Jones Industrial’s chart.

Yeah, I know. Readers of my blog are shocked that Dow 24k cannot be breached. Again, as former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo used to block shots near the basket, the Federal Reserve certainly does the same in stocks. Specifically, they are currently defending the Dow 24k line with great force and determination. Check my previous blog posts for the DML (Dikembe Mutombo Line) origination.

Fundamentally, there are reasons why investors would be selling stocks right now. Since President Trump’s election, there has been an unabated (early 2018 not included and now irrelevant) push higher peaking at, as I estimated in previous articles, at Dow 26k (Actually 26800 - the Fed was just showing off). Many market observers agree that stock prices are pricey, debt of all kind is due to delirium, corporate earnings may erode as the tax cut effect of 2018 ebbs, international problems seem to be proliferating, and the rest of the world seems to be wobbling economically speaking. There are many reasons to sell.

There are few reasons to buy other than Donald J. Trump is the current POTUS. We all know that in January the Democrats will again assume control of the US House of Representatives. Their single-minded mendacity will be directed at the POTUS and by definition or ‘representation’ the american citizenry. Absent the tens of trillions of stimulus money thrown at the economy and zero percent interest rates throughout the preponderance of President Obama’s term, the stock market indices would surely have led a route to depression. We should expect chaos and mayhem to ensue upon arrival of the democrats, socialists, the Marxists, and communists. Yes, the democratic party is indeed inclusive. Anyone that hates America and Americans is welcome.

Will the Republicans be able to stop the Democrats? I hardly think so. The Republicans can’t get in to the House Chamber because they are outside pulling on the door marked ‘Push’.

So, trouble could be in store for investors seeking returns in stocks. But ultimately, the Fed will save us all. As Nick Diaz once said to his opponent in mid-fight, “Don’t be scared, Homey.” 

Chart 1 below shows 4 days of trading with 15-minute bars for period 12/6/18 - 12/11/18. If we were calling a heavyweight fight that had turned into a slugfest, we would say, “…a left to the body, a right to the head, followed by a brutal left hook…” and so on. If we were calling the action on this chart, we would say, “…up 800 points, down a thousand, up 800, down 600, back up 500!” All that action is from 5 dominant waves of buying or selling over the course of just four days. Note the three times on this chart that the DML was challenged resulted in an immediate barrage of buying. Who buys this market when it is diving other than central bankers and other manipulators? 

Chart 1: DJIA - 4 day 15 minute bars ending 12/11/18
Chart courtesy

How important does the DML look on a longer term chart? Chart 2 below is a look at the Dow Jones Industrial average since just before the 2018 election.

Clearly stock prices reacted positively to the election of President Trump. It may have done so had Ms. Clinton been the victor. The markets do what the Fed wants them to do. The important thing though is to stay in the moment. Why is the Dow 24k level (the DML) so important? One only needs to see Chart 2 for a visual as to tracking the most important factor driving stock prices. That, of course, is central banker support. Like most vermin, they leave a trail. I drew a line along the 24k DML. It shall not be breeched!

Chart 2: DJIA - Since just before 2018 election
Chart courtesy

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Difference Between Democrat and Republican?


What's the difference between republicans and democrats?

In Minnesota, democrat Keith Ellison had domestic assault charges lodged against him. His accuser filed a police report and exhibited bruising around her face. The accuser’s own adult son verified the assault. The voters of Minnesota elected Mr. Ellison as their attorney general.

In New York’s District 14, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the unopposed House of Representative seat after republicans withdrew support of their candidate, Anthony Pappas. Why? Mr. Pappas was accused of domestic violence. Apparently ‘believe the women’ only applies to democratic women with an ax to grind against republicans. So, logically, accusations lodged by women are fungible and dependent on political affiliation?

Now we know the difference. It has to do with morals. To democrats, we are not all equal, apparently. Equality depends upon whether or not there is a ‘D’ attached to our political affiliation. Democrats are the self-appointed ‘elite’. Everyone else should blindly follow regardless of fact or reality. Those who refuse to drink the cool-aid of insanity can, well, accept the only democratic rebuttal and ‘go f**k themselves’. Democrats are mad as in ‘insane’.  

Insane? Really? Let’s examine.

One, the democrats are always using the word, ‘Democracy’. Our third President, Thomas Jefferson, was a genius and every word he spoke or wrote is now proven true. Specifically concerning ‘democracy’, Jefferson said democracy simply led to mob rule. Witness the democratic mobs yelling and screaming words they do not understand like ‘fascism’, ‘NAZI’, and ‘socialism’. Democrats do not understand that Mr. Jefferson and his fellow thinkers like Madison and Morris gave us a ‘Constitutional Republic’. The US Constitution is the oldest of its kind as all ‘democracies’ have descended into socialism. Democracies elected leaders like Hitler, Hussein, and almost any other despot one can think of.

This democratic insanity is exemplified by total lack of cognitive logic on issues like immigration. The democratic left wants all illegal aliens to be able to vote in US elections. Yet, these same people object to alleged, and yet unproven, Russian election interference in 2016 voting. Why then, would the democrats object to the Russians voting in US elections as well? Why does the left want to discriminate against Russians? Why not just let everybody in the world vote in US elections?

Even more insane, the same people (democrats) that scream about ‘democracy’ and ‘Russian collusion’ allow basically three billionaire donors to flood national and state elections with money to sway the vote. One of those billionaires is Tom Steyer.

Mr. Steyer is a liberal ‘climate change’ activist who believes President Trump should be impeached because the President does not surrender to global climate change agreements. Nevermind that US greenhouse emissions have been reduced by 3% since President Trump pulled the US from the NWO Paris Climate Agreement and nevermind that scientists tell us that the ozone layer of the Earth is now healing. Mr. Steyer ignores these facts and states, “But his refusal to protect the lives and safety of the American people is why he must be impeached.”

To those of us with active brain cells, this sounds insane. First, ‘climate change’ is the new ‘global warming’ buzzword. I ask people who ascribe to the ‘warming’ belief ‘how do they know?’ If they were to look at the ‘warming’ data they would learn that the ‘warming’ is due at least in part to several areas of Columbia, South America averaging 175-degrees fahrenheit for several months. That’s impossible but let’s move on.

Isn’t unfettered immigration a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t a push into socialism - communism a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t excessive taxation a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t selling a fifth of the countries uranium supply to the Russians in exchange for a half-million dollar speaking engagement for Bill Clinton a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t a rigged election (as we witness the mess going on in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia at the hands of democratic election officials post 2018 mid-terms) a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Aren’t attacks on our Constitutional Bill of Rights (free speech, etc.) a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Aren’t attacks on the US electoral college a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

Isn’t, as Mr. Steyer supports, setting up an international climate change carbon tax a risk to the lives and safety of the American people?

We could go on and on but suffice to say, people like Mr. Steyer seem to be maliciously deceptive and mendaciously disingenuous.  What? Oh wait, I forgot to mention. Mr. Steyer is a financier of several ‘green’ energy projects that would benefit greatly from a climate change initiative. Seems that Mr. Steyer is a capitalist after all. A dirty one. But a capitalist. I thought democrats hated capitalism? 

Democrats seem to have embraced racism. The US education system has been terminally infected and infested by democratic liberals. If you love your children, do not surrender their minds to these serpents. I have read that several university indoctrination centers (Ohio University for one) are broadening the racial divide on campus. Several institutions have already enacted separate orientation and graduation events for black students. Some have even dedicated certain days that only black students are allowed on campus. My own alma mater has proposed such an idea. I’m sure that coming soon to a campus nearby there will be cafeterias labeled ‘White Only’ and water fountains labeled ‘Colored Only’. The KKK must be so proud that their ideas are alive and well on school campuses and in liberal democratic hearts. Government forced segregation is returning! Someone quick, raise the Confederate Battle Flag in the center of campus!

Odd, isn’t it that these are the same insane indoctrinators that are busy telling boys and girls that they are the same. Some are now suggesting that boys and girls should be allowed to use the same restrooms and showers. So, they want their subjects to believe their is no difference between sexes but there is a big difference between races? Who knew? Democrats are segregationists.

Democrats have an evil core. Dr. David Jeremiah is the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California. I would encourage everyone to listen to him speak. We won’t hold his residency in a state of lunacy against him. He recently wrote: “One way Satan strikes us is by creating rage and bitterness in our hearts. Everyone has moments of anger, but when that anger settles into hatred, resentment, and a grudge-like spirit, we’re in danger of giving place to the devil.” As anyone observed from the Judge Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings, any people, any group that bears false witness against another person is committing a heinous act. This comes from demonic service.

So, we can conclude that democrats are a mad army of brainwashed, ignorant, uneducated, demonic servants.

I think of it this way. Congresswoman Maxine Waters has led a chorus of other democrats  to instigate violence and harassment against all who disagree with their marxist, satanic  ideologies. We have all seen Maxine’s brown shirt army known as ‘antifa’ in action. Thus the acronym for democrats - M.A.D.D - Maxine’s Army of Demonic Dumbasses.

It seems that democrats and republicans now have a disagreement over morals.
Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Harvard Idiots - An Oxymoron


The ‘white privilege’ idea was introduced in the 1970’s by a Harvard University professor. Of course it was. Harvard. Why is it that every person I read about that went to Harvard is an idiot?

Enter Harvard grad Senator Elizabeth Warren. She claimed to be a person of ‘color’ to get into Harvard Law School. After receiving a degree in idiocy, Ms. Warren was hired to teach at Harvard. The indoctrination center boasted that Ms. Warren was the first professor at law school that was a person of color. The color Ms. Warren claimed to be was Native American. We all know the DNA tests that Ms. Warren volunteered showed her to be no more Native American than any other white person in America.

What does this tell us? Harvard is for idiots.

If there was really such a thing as ‘white privilege’, Ms. Warren would not have needed to check the ‘Native American’ box. Her white skin would have been her admission ticket. But on the contrary, the school admittedly discriminates against white people. Given like academic accomplishments, a black student with lower scores receives preferential admission privilege. So prevalent is the school’s discrimination policy that an Asian group has now sued the school because students of Asian ancestry are likewise discriminated against.

So, if ‘white privilege’ exists, it does not do so at Harvard - the school that birthed the idea. In fact, Ms. Warren proved it by having to claim native american ancestry to gain admission. Why then would anyone ever listen to a Harvard grad?

Here is an example. I am obviously not a Harvard alum. My brain cells still work. And no, I did not attend law school. I’m just a southern (by the grace of Almighty God) boy educated through public schools back when schools were schools and not communist indoctrination centers. And it seems, I could have saved the world a lot of time and money concerning the Senate grilling of Judge Kavanaugh. Had I been allowed to question the figurative suicide bomber Christine Ford, I could have wrapped up the question of Judge Kavanaugh’s character assassination in less than five minutes. Here is how I imagine my questioning would have gone.

Me: Ms. Ford, are you a resident of California?

Ms. Ford: Yes.

Me: Ms. Ford, are you a college professor at a California university? (I am establishing the foundation. California resident who is university professor. So far, every person of that species turns out to be a communist lunatic.)

Ms. Ford: I can’t remember. My hippocampus fails me on that question. (We checked and she is a professor although the indoctrination center where she is employed can’t decide whether or not Ms. Ford is a ‘psychologist’. Ms. Ford introduced herself as such. She is not. Her indoctrination center whitewashed their webpage to make her an ‘Affiliate’. Ergo, Ms. Ford lied under oath.)

Me: Ms. Ford, have you ever told a lie in you life?

Ms. Ford. I can’t remember.

Me. We’ll accept that as a ‘yes’. Now, Ms. Ford, would it be fair to say that you hate President Donald J. Trump with every fiber in your body?

Ms. Ford: (Silly little girl voice changes to something more like a poltergeist.) Yes!

Me. Ms. Ford, would you be willing to do literally anything to weaken President Trump’s agenda? Remember, for whatever it means anymore, you are under oath.

Ms. Ford: (Turning to her handlers, her head now spins 360 degrees.)

Bang the gavel. Case closed. Don’t feel bad for Ms. Ford. By strapping on the figurative suicide bomb for the communists, it would appear that Ms. Ford is becoming very wealthy from ‘crowd funding’. Treason and lying pay well.

This led to a video I saw of a group of demonstrators screaming, “No more rapists on the court! No more rapists on the court!” There was a particular young lady in the video who looked very angry and sincere. I became angry too. Why are there rapists on the Supreme Court? I wanted to magically slide into that video and stand shoulder to shoulder with this woman. I would scream too. ‘No more rapists on the court!” I wanted to lean over and ask, ‘Who is the rapists?’

Of course that would be Judge Kavanaugh. Who did he rape? Who did he attempt to rape? Who accused him of rape? The answer is no one and the man is innocent of all charges brought forth by the morally vacant yet the left wing communists have him labeled as a rapist.

Oh well, it seems we live in a different country now. Hawaiian Senator Hirono bared her communist fangs to opine that the accused is now guilty until proven innocent. I believe she said that white men need to shut up and listen to women.  

I read a story of a black man in Georgia. A white woman accused him of raping her. Law enforcement arrested the accused and incarcerated him awaiting trial. A mob of men were not satisfied with the judicial process so they marched to the jail, over-powered the jailers, apprehended the accused rapists and hung him from a tree. This was from some one-hundred years ago. From that time frame and location in Georgia, we could assume that the mob was mostly democrats. I’m sure too that they were chanting, ‘Believe the women. Believe the women.’ I’m sure they had signs that read, ‘We believe survivors.’

Having lived in the South all my life, I have witnessed first hand a KKK public demonstration. They had a lawful parade permit. They marched. They spoke. They disassembled and there was no trouble.

I never thought I would see a true ‘lynch mob’ until I looked into the eyes of the democrats trying to destroy a good man’s name. No doubt, some of those in the lynch mob were Harvard grads. 

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Irony of Independence Day


The US celebrates Independence Day every July 4. What does the word independence mean?

The Online Dictionary has several meanings: not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free: not influenced by the thought or action of others

Forget about sovereign independence. The central bank and recent political powers have both worked to destroy that. A sovereign nation by definition controls its own currency and borders. The US cannot check either box. At the heart of freedom is unfettered capitalism. At the heart of capitalism is an unfettered stock market. The Federal Reserve Bank now rules stock prices. Spoiler alert! Prices are going to continue to rise. Lack of independence fosters illusions of reality.

So, are we independent? The following will examine how we are becoming more ‘progressively’ controlled, more ‘liberally’ bullied, and more ‘democratically’ sanitized of our individuality.

For instance, free speech is free speech. If speech is conditional, it is not free speech. If ‘hate speech’ is censored, so too is independence. Witness the following observations.

Justin Trudeau apologized to a woman for groping her. Should he have apologized to a ‘person’ so that would be more inclusive? Sorry, that was just too easy!

Did anyone notice the irony of a recent press conference held by Sarah Sanders-Huckabee during which an Indian reporter prefaced his question by telling Ms. Sanders that she was welcome to eat in any Indian restaurant? Doesn’t Ms. Sanders represent the supposed racist regime of President Trump? Isn’t it white restaurant owners who openly discriminate against Ms. Sanders?

Did anyone notice when the restaurant manager expelled Ms. Sanders and her family from a diner, the same restaurant manager chased Ms. Sanders’ in-laws across the street and continued to berate them. Unbeknownst to the liberal and ‘tolerant’ attackers, Ms. Sanders’ in-laws were fellow liberals. Hate is un-thinking.

Did anyone notice the irony that ‘racist’ President Trump can now boast that black unemployment is at the lowest levels ever?

Did anyone notice the irony that ‘racist’ President Trump can now boast that latino unemployment is at the lowest levels ever?

Did anyone notice this story out of California concerning an man of Indian ancestry placing campaign signs for a republican candidate? Seems a couple of ‘woke’ white guys from the ‘tolerant’, ‘peaceful’, ‘no borders’ left jumped out of their vehicle, beat the Indian man, and spray painted ‘go back to your country’ on the man’s car. Immigrants need to understand one thing very clearly. The left is more racist and bigoted than the KKK ever has been. The only reason they support open borders is they believe all immigrants will naturally vote democratic. Otherwise, the left hates immigrants as much as they hate white people, men, christians, black people that support President Trump, immigrants that support President Trump, and all other people that disagree with their ideas of Marxism.

Did anyone notice the deranged individual that smashed President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? This fellow with the intellect of a cabbage thought he was doing something great now that he was, in his words, ‘woke’. First, the damage was repaired the next day at a cost of several thousand dollars. Should someone commit this act everyday, they would generate over a million dollars per year in repair business thus boosting the economy. This helps President Trump to keep winning and winning! Second, I personally think President Trump’s star should be permanently removed as it is demeaning to have President Trump’s name appear in a open sewer of humanity like this Hollywood sidewalk. After all, Peter Fonda’s star is there. He promotes pedophilia and now voter fraud - a felony crime.

Recently the NYT hired avowed racist, Sarah Jeong, as a member of their editorial board. Ms. Jeong has written that she hates white men, old white men (she enjoys being cruel to them), and recently added white women to her list of hate. Ms. Jeong came to the US with her parents from their native South Korea when she was three. She attended U. Cal. Berkeley and Harvard Law School. Seems to me that the stupidest humans I have ever read about came from those indoctrination centers of mental pollution.

Did anyone notice that the South Koreans are protesting their government bringing in muslim migrants because the muslims do not assimilate but rather try to recruit followers? The South Koreans say they don’t want their country to become another UK or Germany. Isn’t it odd that the liberal left in the US is always trying to tell us that we too should be more like socialist Europe? Yet, no one else in the world wants to turn their country into a …, what was that term President Trump used to describe third world countries who have turned their country into a mess due to libtard policies? The UK and Germany are joining that club very quickly. 

It’s odd that Ms. Jeong is not only permitted to publicly espouse her racism but she is celebrated and rewarded by a position at a now failing ‘news’ publication. When conservative Candice Owens reprinted the racist hatred of white people by inserting other ethnic groups in place of ‘white’, Ms. Owens became the racist and was banned from media. Ms. Owens was called a ‘white supremacist’. Ms. Owens is black. Yes, Dave Chapelle’s character of Clayton Bigsby has come to real life in the form of liberalism. Double standards of fairness always cause division.

It’s odd too that Ms. Jeong is South Korean. Just a few years ago, the Washington Post branded South Korea as one of the ‘least racially tolerant countries in the world’. 98% of the population is Korean. Anti-discrimination laws don’t exist. If people think Ms. Jeong only hates white people, black folks shouldn’t feel left out. I’m sure she hates them too.

It’s odd that job applicants in Ms. Jeong’s home land customarily submit photos with their applications. Darker skinned people are not hired. Maybe Ms. Jeong can’t help it. Maybe racism is just in her DNA.

It’s odd that Ms. Jeong’s family immigrated to the US from South Korea. That wouldn’t have happened if not for the effort of a whole bunch of white men and black men that fought in the Korean War to keep South Korea free. Many of those white men and black men died in that effort. My own father was drafted into the army during the Korean War. I’m sure if he were still alive, he wouldn’t spit on this waste of human skin if she were on fire. Anything that Ms. Jeong writes is hardly fit to line the bottom of a hamster cage.

Newly elected (NY state primary) socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was admonished for inaccuracies in her biography. She replied, “Your attempt to strip me of my family, my story, my home, and my identity is exemplary of how scared you are of the power of all four of those things.”

God bless Ms. Ocasio-Cortez! Finally someone has the guts to stand up for their heritage. This is exactly how Southerners feel about their heritage. I’m sure that should Ms. Ocasio-Cortez rise to power, she will no doubt put an end to the left’s war on the South, Southern heritage, and statues that reflect that heritage, good or bad.

In the case of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, she is of Puerto Rican descent. When her Spanish ancestors came to North America, they proceeded to conquer what is now Puerto Rico. The Spanish invaders enslaved the native population and used the slaves to mine for gold. The invaders also cannibalized their victims to the point that native populations were exterminated. Heritage involves the good and the bad. This is how we learn to be better people. It is good to see Ms. Ocasio-Cortez stand up for heritage. We all have one. ‘Our family, our story, our home and our identity’ are not grounds for judgement and scorn. 

Ruth Bader Ginsberg during a 2012 visit to Cairo University in Egypt on her advice as to how Egyptians should construct a constitution: “I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, had an independent judiciary. It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done.”

Really? This “instrument of government that embraced basic human rights” is witness to black South Africans routinely murdering white South Africans because of skin color. South Africa is in the process of changing their constitution to lawfully allow the government to strip white land owners of their property they have in some cases owned for 400 years only to redistribute the land to black africans. White genocide is under way. Yet, Ms. Ginsberg sits on the US Supreme Court. Odd, isn’t it, that the US Constitution is the world’s oldest constitution? South Africa is now on their fifth. What would our Constitution look like if Ms. Ginsberg could re-write it? Maybe Ms. Jeong could be enlisted to help re-write the document? These two make Hitler look like a Sunday school teacher.

South Africa celebrates Nelson and Winnie Mandela: Winnie once said, ”With our boxes of matches, and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country.” For the uninformed, the ‘necklaces’ that Ms. Mandela speaks are tires placed around a persons torso, doused in gasoline, and then set afire to slowly burn a person to death.

Nelson Mandela once said, "If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don't care for human beings.”

Mr. Mandela was a member of the ANC - a communist political movement that fought agains the ruling ‘Apartheid’ government. The ANC orchestrated a revolution and Mr. Mandela was imprisoned for terrorist and murderous acts. To be sure, the Apartheid government was itself evil and should have been replaced. Yet, it has been written that the ANC killed more Africans than did Apartheid. Maybe that’s true and maybe not but suffice to say one wrong does not make a right. What the left does not understand is socialism and communism rise to power through murder. Statistically, Hitler was a light-weight compared to the murderous communist revolutions in China and Russia, for instance. 

Barack Obama recently went to South Africa to celebrate the Mandela legacy. Mr. Obama said Nelson Mandela as “a hero to us all.” And further, …“when you think of a single individual that embodies the kind of leadership qualities that I think we all aspire to, the first name that comes up is Nelson Mandela.”

Nelson and Winnie Mandela. What a lovely couple. Is it any wonder that a person with so little character as Barack Obama would worship these people?

And while I am on the subject, Mr. Obama bragged while he was in Africa about how rich he was. He even repeated that at some point, the rich don’t need more money. Yet, the forever unctuous Mr. Obama asked the US Congress to raise the retirement pay of retired presidents, like himself. Africans should also remember that it was Mr. Obama’s regime that killed Libya’s President Qaddafi. Mr. Qaddafi’s crime? Libya had become one of the more successful and wealthy African nations. As such, President Qaddafi wanted the African continent to become economically independent. He wanted the continent to adopt Libyan currency while forming a ‘central bank of Africa’. Mr. Obama’s owners ordered him to dispose of Mr. Qaddafi with the help of Ms. Clinton. Seems she’s pretty good at ‘disposing’ of people. African people should not be misled by Mr. Obama’s lack of sincerity or intellect like the American people were.

Wake up, America! Read this next paragraph very slowly. A transgender student who I believe was born female wanted to use the boys’ restrooms and locker room at school. Parents tried to use the American judicial system (whatever that is these days) to stop this and protect the rights of their kids. Now, read carefully.

U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez ruled "high school students do not have a fundamental privacy right to not share school restrooms, lockers, and showers with transgender students whose biological sex is different than theirs." He wrote that the stress the boys felt was not "comparable to the plight of transgender students who are not allowed to use facilities consistent with their gender identity.”

If one person’s ‘right’ is more important than another person’s, then the ‘right’ is merely privilege.

Did readers get that? This judge said that basically the rights of the transgender person trumped the rights of the non-transgender person.

So now I ask, isn’t it ironic that we still celebrate ‘Independence Day’ in America? What are we ‘independent’ from? America is becoming more of an illusion as each day passes. Central bankers now dictate all aspects of the economy. The leftists want the US to be borderless, hermaphroditic, lawless, powerless, subjugated by government, and poor. The leftist seem to be loudest right now. While they gather to protest free speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom to own weapons, and freedom of non-leftist to assemble, the left forgets that their right to assemble and protest was granted by the old white men that wrote the Constitution.

Finally, let’s address the independence of stock pricing. The following chart shows a year-to-date look at the Dow in black line, Gold in gold line, and the Bitcoin ETF in the green line. Clearly, the Dow is the best performer this year so far. Given everything happening in the world and given the stock rally extended both in price valuations and cycle duration, why would stocks outperform gold or Bitcoin? The answer is simple. Gold and Bitcoin are threats to the Federal Reserve’s enslavement tools. The Fed destroys enemies. Buy stocks. That’s the message for all of us, well, ‘independent’ peoples. See the chart.

YTD through 8/9/18: Dow line black, Gold line gold, Bitcoin line green
Chart courtesy

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

If Bitcoin Is A Fraud, So Too Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average


Below is a chart of the ETF that tracks the value of bitcoin, GBTC, and the Dow Jones Industrial average for one year ending 4/29/18. One can easily see the correlation. They are the same chart. Maybe GBTC leads the Dow in direction. If so, GBTC is going lower while the last Federal Reserve instigated rally only turned ugly today with a near 400-point selloff. Let’s review.

As I have been writing, America has been stripped of everything including a ‘market’ of stocks and the ability of investors to realize price discovery. The Fed is in charge of that. Forget Elliot Wave or fundamentals or anything else. That stuff only applies to real market behavior. Technical patterns only matter because the Fed manipulates them to keep us playing along.

The selloff today will no doubt be met by a strong ‘buying’ surge early Wednesday morning. Clearly the Fed will not tolerate another breach of their self imposed Dikembe Mutombo Line (DML - see past articles for explanation) of 24k on the Dow. So, downside from here is limited.

Readers may wonder, how can I be so precise in predictions. I wrote a few months ago that the DML had been established. I followed with the assertion that the Fed’s next target would be Dow 25k as this would give them a ‘higher high’. This way the Fed could say, “Look, we have an uptrend forming.” So forget everything about ‘markets’. They don’t exist anymore in our current police state of complete control.  Readers want to know where do we go from here.

As of this writing, the Dow is only 361 points above the DML. So, downside risk from here is limited. Next, the Fed has to push the Dow further than the now previous high of 25k. Looking at the charts, it looks like Mr. Powell’s nefarious band of NWO slavemasters would target Dow 25,400 or so. A thousand point rally is nothing for these people.

Yes, I know that the yield curve is currently less than 40 bps from inversion. I know that stock buybacks and Fed intervention account for all stock valuation gains. Yes, I know that the SEC has launched an investigation into rather curious activity in the options markets where it appears that someone (cough-Fed) has been manipulating the VIX by buying the most out-of-money contracts in large volumes. So what?

Welcome to the new america. Nothing is real. Nothing is true. No one wants to know the truth. It’s all one big con game. Investors are the mark. They are easy. They don’t know anything. Everyone I talk to repeats the same refrain - ‘stock prices always seem to come back up’. Yes, they do don’t they. I wonder why?

That brings me to bitcoin. Many people believe bitcoin is a fraud. It has no value. Yet, these same people believe that the Dow is true and represents value. Look at the one-year chart below of the DJIA in gold and GBTC in black. They are essentially the same chart. How is it that one is pure speculation and gambling and the other is not. Charts don’t lie. Governments and banksters do.

Notice one thing. Remember the slight Dow selloff in mid-April ’18. Remember the reason? Supposedly the 10-year US Treasury yield was spiking toward 3%. Then in May, the yield went over 3% and stocks rallied to the 25k mark on the Dow. Explanations are all BS. Explanations are given to keep investors, or suckers, playing along. As if, everything has to have a reason.

Again, the only reason the Dow even trades is the Federal Reserve Bank uses it as a puppeteer uses strings. So again, look at the chart below and decide which line is a fraud. Hint, both of them. Note that bitcoin has been falling ever since the CBOE began trading bitcoin futures in December 2017. I knew that would be the end of bitcoin. It will never be allowed to compete with the Fed’s fraud paper money.

DJIA - 1-year ending 5/29/18
Chart courtesy

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Friday, May 4, 2018

One Sure Bear Market Sign


Investors should always be on the alert for a bear market. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a clear sign that a bear market was forming? Well, in my opinion, there is.

I call it the formation of a Dikembe Mutombo Line. In our nanny-state, government manipulated, anti-capitalism, totally corrupted, illusion of wealth pseudo economy, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is the ultimate shiny object of hypnotism. The average person on the street has no idea whatsoever how they are being punked every single day.

If readers missed my article from 04/04/18, here is the link to see the manipulation of stock prices at the origin:

Since everything in stock indices now has gotten so obviously contrived and arbitrary based on central banker manipulations to keep us playing the game of economics, we need an explanation for the silliness that we see. Thus, the Dikembe Mutombo Line (DML) comes into play.

Forget about fundamentals or data or anything read or heard in investment media. It is meaningless drivel. All that matters as far as stock prices is what the Federal Reserve is doing. The Fed, after all, sets prices that we supposedly free and capitalistic people pay for stocks every day.

So how do we know for sure that stock indices are falling into a bear market?

Simple. While we would all agree that bear markets are a normal process of participants selling off assets because their prices have become overly expensive, the Fed has determined that price discovery will no longer be allowed if that discovery pushes prices lower. When artificial lines are drawn, a bear market lurks. Why?

Since we now live in a false economy where debt is the engine of growth and repayment of that debt is impossible, someone has to rig prices. Should stock prices tumble, the tail that now wags the dog would surely usher in an undeniable recession. Enter the Fed.

So what do we look for at the beginning of a bear market?

Obviously robust selling begins to lower stock prices. Now, the Fed and other dark forces conspire together to limit the price drop that the selling imposes. Clearly this is arbitrary but give the Fed credit for one thing. They pay close attention to technical patterns. How do we know that a bear market started in Q1?

Here is the answer. As prices thrust lower, the Fed steps in to arrest the selling with equal buying force. Again, I have included the chart below to show where the Fed has elected to arrest the current bear market. This is the DML. They block the selling attempt of prudent investors and then just like former NBA center Dikembe Mutombo used to do when he blocked a shot, the Fed wags a finger at would-be sellers in admonishment. Then another thrust down and again the Fed arrests the selling. Like a blocked shot in basketball, these turning points in selloffs that suddenly become rallies are ‘V-shaped’ and materialize from nowhere.

For whatever reason, the Fed has chosen Dow 24,000 as the DML. I suspect derivatives come into play. They will defend this line at all costs. When we see these artificial limits imposed, we can be sure that the Fed sees the onset of a bear market and the ensuing recession. Forget economic numbers. They are faker than a Trump Russian dossier. Forget corporate earnings. They are more manipulated than Play-doh. Stock indices turn when the Fed says they turn. Today, the Fed will not allow a drop below Dow 24k.

Notice the 400-point selloff on Thursday morning that took the Dow well below 24,000. That was met by a midday rally (surprise?) that brought the Dow back to where? Yep, 24k. Well, 23996 before a slight fade at the end of the day. So for Friday, 5/4/18, everyone on planet Earth knew what to do. Well, everyone that knows about the DML. POW!!! An opening 300-point rally on the Dow put it safely above the 24k level. Whew! Was I worried? Nope.

As this get rather boring, like watching a WWE match in which the winner is pre-determined, or a Harlem Globetrotter game that is just entertainment, I have better things to do this afternoon. I suspect as the afternoon passes, Mr. Powell will leave his post at the NY trading arm of the Fed and go home early. Some of the morning’s gains might erode. But so be it. Mr. Powell will be back to work on Monday morning manipulating our world.

Now, one thing to keep in mind. Lower lows and lower highs are a downtrend. With the Fed setting the DML at Dow 24k, we have a series of lower highs and even lows. This is the technical ‘descending triangle’. It would be extremely bearish if the Dow were to breach this low. Are you reading this, Mr. Powell?

I’m sure Mr. Powell already knows this. The trick now is to set a ‘higher high’. That means the Dow needs to rise to around at least 25,000 to blow up the descending triangle. Come on, Mr. Powell. We know you can do it!

DJIA - 8-months ending 5/4/18
Chart courtesy

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Monday, April 16, 2018

‘Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, We’re finally on our own’.


Neil Young pinned those lyrics to his song, ‘Ohio’. The tin soldiers were the National Guard and Nixon was the President. The song was about the Guard’s execution of four students at Kent State in 1970. But today, these lyrics seem truer than ever. Governments for the governed have turned on the governed. Governments conduct the business of governed in secrecy for the benefit of the government. Governments initiate acts of aggression against other peoples who have no representation in their government. The media is a propaganda arm of the government. The governed have no idea what is really happening. How do we ‘know’ anything today? In a vacuum of leadership, it does feel like ‘we are finally on our own.’

American President Trump just ordered a military strike on Syria. Or so we are told. Did they? I don’t know. We are told the US mercenaries fired 103 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian targets that allegedly manufactured or stored chemical weapons. The Russians claim their defense systems installed in Syria shot down 70 of these missiles. Syria claims there never was a chemical attack.

It seems to me that if a chemical weapons warehouse was blown up by a Tomahawk missile, these deadly chemicals would be released into the air. None has been reported. It also seems odd to me that given Syria boasts of having a population density of one person per every two-squared kilometers, that no one was killed or injured. Given that each missile cost the american taxpayer over a million dollars, 103 missiles cost over $103 million dollars to launch and the end result being a few demolished buildings seems preposterous. This is especially true given what we ‘know’ about 9/11. That is, the US could have used a couple of old planes to remotely fly into these buildings thus causing a fire which would be followed by a perfect implosion of the buildings thus causing even less harm to anything nearby. Wouldn’t this have been a lot cheaper?

And where did the US get its chemical weapon intel? Defense Secretary Mattis admits that ‘evidence’ of a chemical weapon attack in Syria is non-existent. Yet, he believes an attack happened because of what he read on ‘social media’.

With the Syrian false flag being the most recent example of the people, the governed, getting snowed by lies, we should not forget the poisoning of the Skripals. A video was released showing the UK authorities readying the bench on which Mr. Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious for removal. Obviously with such a powerful Russian made nerve agent used as the poison, the bench could well be contaminated. The UK authorities took all precautions. Several workers were outfitted from head to toe in hazmat suites. There were carefully wrapping the bench in some sort of clear wrap to limit possible contamination. That’s when the video clearly showed a pigeon walking past the workers and the bench in question. The pigeon was not wearing a hazmat suit. The pigeon appeared to be perfectly fine. Our slave owners will go to great lengths to carry on their theatre of the absurd. Sadly, the governed are stupid enough to believe their government minders.

‘America’ is now a joke. Truth has been exterminated so the rich can get richer, the government can grow more powerful, and the slaves can argue over social injustice. The result is world with rules and laws being applied differently to different groups.

For example, the american judicial system a few years ago fined a Christian bakery in Oregon $135k for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple whose lifestyle the bakery disagreed with. Yet, Bank of America and several other banks, are now refusing to do business with gun manufacturers citing a moral conflict. It seems to me that a group of people who consider themselves to be members of a ‘nation’ should all adhere to the same laws. Clearly, this is not the case in the US.

As I always find, I have a solution. These gun companies should appoint a gay person as CEO. Better yet, appoint a gay transgender non-Christian person of color who is privileged in today’s america to choose a letter to identify their sexual orientation. Then the banks would have to do business with the gun manufacturers. You’re welcome!

The poorly informed ignorant masses may be wondering what all this military involvement is about. Again, allow me to help. It is about enslavement. Consider the following.

By the end of year 2000, there were only seven countries without a Rothschild international central bank in charge. Those countries were: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. And again, who are the mortal enemies of the US? Yes, each of those countries are on the list.

By 2011, only three countries had still not surrendered: Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. Now readers know the targets of the US military. Today, North Korea is the last holdout. They too, will soon surrender, bow down, and worship at the alter of the Satan’s debt printing press.

In return, we slaves are treated to stock indices that cannot fall. The central bankers will see to that because it keeps their rich supporters happy. As I have written in previous articles, the Dikembe Mutombo line (Dow 24k) is still intact. Sellers who worry about hundreds of trillions in world debt, slow economic growth, high equity valuations, rising interest rates, ebbing QE, and bubbles everywhere, will try to sell down stock prices. They will be met at the Dikembe Mutombo line at Dow 24k with a ferocious buying volley from the central bankers. This will no doubt be followed by a finger wagging. Don’t try it! The slaves don’t set prices. Slave owners set the prices! 

Take a look at the chart below. I shows one year of activity on the Dow Jones Industrials. I have marked the chart with the obvious Dikembe Mutombo Line at Dow 24k. Clearly the Fed will defend this line with great determination. Why? Who knows? Who cares? America is a joke! It is the great ‘Nanny State’. The other green line shows a descending series of lower highs thus creating a bearish descending triangle. The Fed of course helped draw this formation with their spirited defense of Dow 24k. Over the next few days, we will see how serious the Fed is about continuing the stock bubble. This descending triangle will have to be destroyed by a pretty good rally. The Fed will need to engineer a series of higher highs and higher lows to get their shills of TV and print talking about the new ‘uptrend’ in stock prices.

Nothing else really matters. Governments no longer represent the people. They represent the banksters. We are finally on our own.

DJIA - 1-year daily
Chart courtesy

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Federal Reserve Impersonates Dikembe Mutombo!


NBA fans will remember Dikembe Mutombo as the former defensive-minded center who carved his niche in the league by blocking shots. Upon swatting a shot away, Dikembe would shake his head ‘no’ and wag his forefinger back in forth at his opponent as admonishment for even attempting a shot near his presence.

See the first chart below.

DJIA - Daily since January 2018
Chart courtesy

This basically shows us the winning, rising unabated pattern of the DJIA since President Trump was elected. With a steady rise in stock prices, the Fed and their PPT arm has been quite. No need for intervention. Besides, the Fed has been buying ‘assets’ (stocks) like all the other central banks. They announced an end to this policy at the end of 2017. Stock price enjoyed another bubblicious month in January and then there was a pin prick. The Fed raised the Fed Funds rate and promised more. The yield curve compressed more and investors sold down the stock indices. I have marked the ‘Dikembe Mutombo Line’ in green.

Well, the Fed let the selling go on until the Dow pierced the 24,000 level. Then, Fed Chief Powell jumped out and swatted the selloff snowball back up the hill. He wagged his finger at would-be sellers as if to say, “Don’t even try it!!”

February was a busy month for the Fed as another wave of selling hit the Dow. This time, the selloff did not even make it to the ‘Dikembe Mutombo Line’. The selling was abruptly blocked and back up went the Dow. The forefinger was again wagging.

You could almost hear them on Wall Street. “On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen!” Wait a minute, that was a different ‘Santa Claus’. The point is that everyone is so enamored with an ever-rising stock index value that no one seems to care that the Federal Reserve constantly forces stock prices higher at arbitrary levels. True capitalism cannot function with constant Fed meddling. True prices for anything cannot be discovered with constant Fed meddling. A fair economy cannot ever be realized with constant Fed meddling. Capitalism this is not!!

Yet, another bout of selling hit the Dow as the calendar turned to April. Another sign that the Fed is active in stock pricing is when a month is about to expire with steep losses, like February of 2018, the PPT instigates a massive ‘last day of the month rally’. Invariably, this leads to a beginning of the month, April, selloff.

See the next chart below. It is a picture of the Dow for the past two days (Monday 4/2/18 and Tuesday 4/3/18 in 5-minute bars).

 DJIA - 4/2/18 - 4/3/18 5-minute bars
Chart courtesy

This 2-day chart shows the PPT in action. Monday was the first day of the month following the PPT’s nice ‘end of the month rally’ in March. Naturally, stock prices plunged. Down 700 points or so with only a few hours left in the trading day, stock indices suddenly sprang to life! With so little time to work a miracle rally, the PPT did spur on a nice 300-point rally in the last 30 minutes of trading! Again, I have drawn the ‘Dikembe Mutombo Line’ in green along the Dow 24,000 level. This is the Fed’s target for setting stock prices.

Tuesday was very wild. There were a couple of intraday 200-point selloffs immediately followed by 300-point rallies culminating in the nice 300-point rally at 3 PM. That brought the Dow to what level again? Yes, 24,000. Dikembe was again wagging his finger. So, it only took the Fed’s PPT less than 6 hours of trading time to basically erase a 700-point selloff. Whew!

One quick point. With all that wild action, one would think a so-called ‘volatility index’ like the VIX would rise. It didn’t. It fell. So again, the VIX pricing has nothing whatsoever to do with rapidly rising or falling stock prices. It is priced from the value of put options. The Fed, the PPT, drives up stock prices using call options in massive waves thus killing the value of puts thus killing the VIX.

What’s so special about Dow 24,000? I have no idea. But this is the only thing investors need to know. The Fed runs everything. America does not have a stock ‘market’. America does not enjoy pure capitalism. The Federal Reserve is constantly setting prices. What investors have to look for is a sign from the Fed that they are impersonating Dikembe Mutombo to reject any selling attempt on the part of investors so that the Dow pricing will conform to the level the Fed feels comfortable. My guess is the Fed will always step in when selling looks poised to tank the derivative market. They steal tax money from the citizens, drive up stock prices, and their bankster friends get rich. Welcome to America!

A follow-up. I literally cannot write this fast enough. We all know that stock prices are at least ‘elevated’ (even in the Fed’s opinion). The country is fractured on many faults. US troops are in 75% of countries throughout the world killing and destroying everything in their path. For brevity, we could all agree that there are many reasons stock prices could legitimately fall. Yet, they will not be allowed to do so. On Wednesday, the Dow opened up down some 400 points below the Dikembe Mutombo Line. We all know what happens next. Enjoy the rally back above 24,000. Enjoy the american clown show!

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

What Is Stock Market Volatility Telling Us Now?


In my last article, ‘Plunge Protection Team Spotted Atop Mt. Everest’ - 02/02/18,  I warned readers that the Plunge Protection Team was again active. I posted the article on my blog This article was published as well on the site and almost nowhere else. Let me say ‘kudos’ to the publisher Nadeem Walayat for not only having the guts to publish the truth but also the expertise to understand what is happening. I start everyday with a thorough reading of the articles published on as it is one of the few sites where writers like myself are given a forum. Almost all the other supposed ‘investment’ sites are filled with powder puff CNBC kind of stuff. I can assure readers that if they are not reading articles posted on, they are not getting a complete idea of important information.

Funny, there has been a lot written this week on ‘what happened to volatility?’ Really? I thought I explained this a week ago. I presented a chart showing pretty clear PPT intervention in equity markets as early as a full week ago. Why are so many so late to the party? Now, a week later, some writers are ‘musing’ about the PPT and their interference in equity markets. I can assure readers that we have all seen this movie before. Whenever stock prices look ready to crumble, the PPT steps in to rig prices higher. One would have to be a complete ignoramus to believe we all live in freedom or that capitalism exists. 

Why is the activity of the PPT important? Because the PPT IS the ‘market’. The PPT IS the ultimate put option. Whenever they pop out, it tells us that index prices are failing. Why this week?

Fed Chair Yellen ended her term and Fed Chair Powell took over. As I have written over and over. whenever the Fed Chair is away from the ‘call option’ button at the New York Fed, stock prices fall. No doubt Mr. Powell spent Tuesday in orientation and stocks sure enough fell.

Of course, there are many reasons to sell stocks now. Valuations are ridiculous and sellers have not been allowed to sell for many years. Thus, we now live in a bubble. As President Trump said prior to election, “…one big, fat bubble”. The Fed has been pushing interest rates higher. Pop! A country $21 trillion in debt cannot afford higher interest rates.

At any rate, look at the chart below for a 3-day, 30-minute interval chart for Tuesday through Thursday of this week. Again, I circled the PPT activity as we can see several near-thousand point reversals from persistent selling nadirs. Also note the heavy volume associated with these powerful moves higher. I worked as an investment adviser for the past twenty years and I can assure readers that these sudden and violent reversals from selling to buying are not the work of investors. Whenever stock prices plunge, investors never call to say, ‘Things look cheap - let’s buy’. No body. No one. Never, ever, never. Not once. Ever. This is the work of the central bank. Why? The money they use is not theirs. They steal it from us. They have no risk.

Everyone wants to know. How do they do it. Call options. As anyone trying to trade on Tuesday morning will tell you, all systems were down to a crawl. TD Ameritrade in particular was quite impossible. What does this tell us? It tells us that somebody was pushing so many call options into the system that the little guys were locked out. High frequency trading allows the criminals to hijack the system with massive call orders, most of which they quickly cancel to hide their tracks, to jam prices higher. See the chart below. It speaks for itself for those who want to listen.

DJIA - 3-day, 30-minute interval 2/6/18 - 2/7/18
Chart courtesy

Violent stock price movement is attributed to ‘volatility’. The ‘volatility’ index is known as the VIX. Actually, the value of the VIX is determined by the expense to own put options. As the next chart will show, stocks have been going straight up for some 15 months without even a single monthly loss. The VIX has set all-time lows. There has been no reason to own puts. Now there is. Now ‘volatility’ is moving higher.

So how did we get here? The next chart below is a 2-year monthly look at the Dow Jones Industrial average. I enclosed President Obama’s last year in blue and President Trump’s first year in red. Clearly we can see that stock prices were fading and getting ready to tank with the prospect of Criminal Clinton becoming president. Stock price performance in President Obama’s years was actually quite pathetic considering the Federal Reserve and the PPT unleashed bailout after bailout and QE after QE to boost prices. Political policies were not helpful.

DJIA - 2-year monthly
Chart courtesy

Then, literally as soon as it was apparent that Mr. Trump had won the Presidency, stock prices vaulted higher. Given the monthly chart, stock indices have yet to experience but a single negative month in President Trump’s tenure thus far. Until now.

PPT and central bank intervention have been a world-wide phenomena for years now. Like steroids, interventions work. Like steroids, there can be adverse consequences. Bubbles eventually pop. Whenever we see evidence of PPT activity, we know the bubble is bursting. Readers have now been warned. Now take a look at the chart. Given that the Fed has apparently drawn a line in the sand at Dow 24000 or so, does anyone expect stock prices to continue to fall on Friday? I myself would be very surprised if we don’t see vociferous buying coming from the PPT.

Before I leave the second chart, I must admit Senator Shumer was right when he said the remarkable bull run in stock prices over the last year was not to be credited to President Trump but rather former President Obama. Senator Shumer was right. All Mr. Obama had to do was step down and get out of the way. And, most importantly for stock prices, Ms. Clinton was defeated in her bid for the presidency.

Without trying to be too lengthy, let me leave readers with an example of how corrupt the american system is.

Duke Energy is one of the largest energy providers in the US and they serve us here in the US Southern states. As we say down here, ‘American by birth and Southern by the grace of God!’ Anyway, Duke has recently been fined $102 million dollars for polluting ground water with coal ash. The company said they will clean things up and pass the cost on to customers. The little guy gets screwed and nobody cares.

Now, check this out next time readers want to cross their heart and praise the flag of the country that used to be America.

Several years ago Duke’s very own engineers suspected some of their pipes used to disburse the pollution were having problems. They requested $20k to inspect these pipes. The company turned down their request. The pipes burst and the pollution occurred. Duke even pled guilty in court admitting their fault. Get your barf bag handy.

In April of 2015, the company announced a $1.5 billion dollar stock buyback program. They would buy the stock from formally broke bankers Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Given that both banks were bankrupt ten years ago, where did they get money to acquire $1.5 billion dollars worth of Duke Energy stock? From us, fool!

It gets worse. The CEO of Duke makes $13.4 million per year and $9 million of that last year was Duke stock. The top five Duke execs make some $28 million per year. The company estimates if they have to clean up all their spills, it might cost some $10 billion. Given that the company pays enormous salaries to those who prevent inspections of potential pollution events, and given that the company can spend billions to buy back stock, paying hundreds of thousands in commissions to criminal banksters, just so they can drive the price of Duke stock up and get rich, and then stick the cost of higher stock prices and pollution clean up to their customers, one can conclude that all that matters in america is higher stock prices.

Thus, the PPT rides to the rescue of rich investors who only buy and never sell.

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Plunge Protection Team Spotted Atop Mount Everest!


Many market observers would agree that the current stock market is either in a bubble or at least richly valued by historical standards. Not that it matters. The Dow’s ascent looks like Mount Everest complete with a lack of oxygen at the top. All that has mattered when it comes to stocks for thirty years now is the Federal Reserve and their ‘Plunge Protection Team (PPT)’ activities.

When stocks needed a boost, they were there to buy market indices back up when no one else would dare. Since the election of President Donald Trump, market indices have been moving straight up. The PPT has not been needed. There have been no sell-offs. That is, until the very end of January, 2018. Even then, the Dow dipped just a couple of percentage points.

Why? As I mentioned, everyone agrees the current market is a bit pricey or perhaps even bubbly. Maybe the stock indices are due for a pullback. But mainly, investors are gauging the Fed’s anticipated moves. The Fed is raising their fed funds interest rates and in turn, the US 10-year Treasury yield has risen to over 2.7%. That doesn’t sound like much but yields haven’t been this high in four years and the stock plunge of ’08 was triggered in part by yields in the upper 4% range. One or two more bumps from the Fed and US 10-year Treasuries might well yield north of 3%. Since we have been living in an economy propagated by near-free money, maybe a rising cost trajectory of money will trigger the next bear in stocks? The future of stock indices really is in the hands of the Fed.

So we finally got not one but two days of selling in the US stock indices largely due to Fed worries. Alas, the Fed met on January 31 and took no action.

Selling intensified after the Fed’s announcement on the 31st and then the clock struck 3PM. And out they popped. I could hear the sirens sounding the alarm from my office! Suddenly, from nowhere, buying programs kicked in. On Donar and Blitzen and…, oh wait a minute -that’s a different Santa Claus! I personally measure PPT activity when the Dow experiences at least a 100-point upside move in an hour. By the end of the trading day, the Dow had recovered nearly half of the days 300-plus point intraday loss. All in less than an hour!

The green circles on the chart below show suspect buying activity that is likely PPT action as previously defined. The next morning (February 1) Dow futures were down over 200 points. Ding-a-ling-ling the Dow opened for trading. The next
green circle shows a quick 200 point recovery in about thirty minutes. Yeah, that’s normal. A little more selling pushed the Dow lower and then a third PPT program kicked in. More selling threatened to send the Dow down for the day but that was not allowed. The fourth green circle shows an end-of-the-day buying spree reminiscent of the previous day. This is a 10-minute interval chart so check out the trading volume at the bottom bar particularly at the end of the day Feb. 1.

DJIA - 2-day, 10-minute interval 1/31/18 - 2/1/18
Chart courtesy

What does this tell us? What does the Fed want us to believe?

One - Even though Dow valuations are very high, the Fed does not care if they are standing atop Mount Everest. They are going to grow the mountain higher. All they care about is their evil luciferian control over all of us.

Two - The Fed is willing to support stock prices as they raise interest rates.

Three - The Fed is perfectly willing to blow bubbles as long as they get to search all partiers for sharp objects.

Four - The mood suddenly feels like early 2009 again as the Fed signals for us to don the oxygen masks. We are about to do some climbing. They will not let us fall.

Five - The Fed now realizes that the party is almost over. They must once again assume full control of stock price direction.

Six - A fall from atop Mount Everest will certainly result in death.

We may have a million good reasons to sell stocks and wait for the crash, but we only need one good reason to ignore risks and buy our brains out. That is, we can see the PPT standing atop Mount Everest with buy orders in their hand. But is this action prudent and will the Fed again find success?

If the Fed fails now, we are likely going to experience a very different world on the other side of the QE - PPT door.

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.

Barry M. Ferguson is a former investment adviser and President and founder of BMF Investments, Inc. He has authored the books, Navigating the Mind Fields of Investing Money and Pulpit of Power, lectured on investing, and contributes investment articles to various professional publications. He was presented with the prestigious Cato Award for Distinguished Journalism in the Field of Financial Services in 2009.
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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

“The lie is the rock on which this republic rests.”


I stole this quote from Andrew Jackson whose actual quote was, “The Bible is the rock on which this republic rests.” Of course, the United States is not the country, or republic, that is was when the extraordinary genius of Andrew Jackson graced the presidency. Jackson also once said, “One man with courage makes a majority.” With that courage, President Jackson exterminated the plague of a central bank, balanced the country’s budget, and left the US taxpayers owing no debt to anyone on the planet. Without Jackson’s courage, the country has been growing debt since he left office in 1836. Plantation slavery has been replaced with debt slavery and sovereign rule has been replaced by bankster domination. We can only pray, ‘Please Lord, send us another leader with Jackson-like courage’.

I believe courage is built upon truth. Read Jackson’s veto of Congressional approval of the central bank of his time. When President Jackson purged the central bank, he also stopped inflation cold. The result was the greatest economic expansion in human history. Then, President Woodrow Wilson, the worst leader in human history, resuscitated the central bank with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Jackson knew the truth. Wilson was a viper.

From Jackson’s central bank veto:

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes.”

Preach it, President Jackson!!

From the same veto:

“If we can not at once, in justice to interests vested under improvident legislation, make our Government what it ought to be, we can at least take a stand against all new grants of monopolies and exclusive privileges, against any prostitution of our Government to the advancement of the few at the expense of the many, and in favor of compromise and gradual reform in our code of laws and system of political economy.”

Truth. It’s a rare commodity these days. Genius is even rarer.

What has happened to America?

Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense in 1776, once said, ”He who dares not offend cannot be honest”.

Truth is often offensive. Today, all americans seem to be offended by something. Ergo, they cannot hear the truth. Thus, their government will not tell them the truth.

President Jackson believed that the Holy Bible was the rock on which the republic rested. The Bible adhered to truth. For those wishing absolute control, the truth can be an impediment to power. Witness the following from an excellent article in Smithsonian magazine, November 2017.

It is winter in America and therefore the flu season is upon us. Few are alive today to recall the flu pandemic of 1918. However, the flu virus of 1918 was particularly lethal. The afore mentioned President Wilson had introduced the US into World War I at the behest of the newly established Federal Reserve Bank. Lending in war times is good for bank profits. Then the flu pandemic began to spread. Needing troops for war carnage and population control, needing to keep Americans focused on a German enemy, President Wilson could not afford to let the flu disrupt his plans. Besides, the US citizenry had the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to look after their health and welfare. (Readers can’t see me right now but my head is cocked to one side and I am winking rapidly with one eye while sporting a maniacal smile of sarcasm.) In truth, the American government doesn’t do anything for the welfare of its citizens. Like all departments of government, the FDA is a sham and a shill for big pharma.

To put this story in perspective, the flu pandemic of 1918 killed more people than those who were killed in WWI and WWII combined.

What did the US government do? It did what it always does. It lied. The government lying machine kicked into high gear led by the so-called health professionals. The author of the story I am citing, John M. Barry, put it beautifully.

“What proved even more deadly was the government policy toward the truth.” President Wilson created the Committee on Public Information. Wilson was influenced by an adviser who wrote, “Truth and falsehood are arbitrary terms…The force of an idea lies in its inspirational value. It matters very little if it is true or false.”

Wilson then passed the Sedition Act making it unlawful to ‘utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the Untied States’ or to do anything to hurt the US war effort. The government urged citizens to report other citizens ‘who spread pessimistic stories, cries for peace, or belittles our effort to win the war’. The penalty? 20 years in prison. No, I swear this is not Nazi Germany I am writing about. It is the United Banks of America. Uh, I mean, uh, the United States of America.

In other words, it is the official policy of the Untied States government to pathologically lie to the american people about everything. President Obama was particularly adept at this. Jimmy Carter was elected President in 1980 after famously staring into the TV cameras in a speech to the American people, “I will never lie to you.” But America IS a lie. The government IS a liar by law. The government employees media minders like CNN to constantly lie to the public. 

As the flu pandemic progressed in 1918, public health officials obliged the government. They reported no fatalities and told the public there was nothing to be concerned about. Yet, 60 million people died from the pandemic. You know, kind of like what happened a few months ago in Las Vegas with 56 people getting murdered and over 500 getting wounded in a concert venue mass shooting covered up by the FBI and CIA. Nothing to see here. No worries. One guy did it all. He’s dead now. We even erased his ’13’ tattoo on his neck. Yeah, sure.

The flu virus of 1918 killed an estimated 60 million people worldwide including Frederick Trump, President Trump’s Grandfather. What did the US government do? It lied to the american people. What did health officials do? They lied to the american people. What rock is the republic now resting? The lie. 

What is the FDA doing today concerning the opioid crises, marijuana, electronic cigarettes, and everything else? They lie. Why? Lying is big business for big pharma. The FDA does not represent the people. The FDA is a stooge for big pharma. Flu season is here and what does the lying vermin of government do? They encourage all of us to get a ‘flu vaccine’.  Why? Because the flu vaccine is a multi-billion dollar business for big pharma. Yet, truthful medical professionals will admit that the vaccine is only at best 40% effective in flu prevention. More taxpayer money is stolen for big pharma.

How did America reject truth and embrace the lie? Thomas Paine also said the following:

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”

Do readers think that the American government tells the truth about anything? This is what the perpetual lie gets us. It is generally accepted that there are some 195 countries in the world. According to Wikileaks, the US military is deployed in about 150 of them. In other words, US taxpayer money supports military occupations in 75% of the countries on the planet. Why?

This is what happens when citizens are not represented in government. We no longer have Andrew Jackson to fight for us.

Thanks again to John M. Barry who wrote the article of truth titled, ‘Journal of the Plague Year’ in Smithsonian’s November, 2017 issue.