Saturday, March 8, 2014

Insanity Meets Sanity


I would like to touch on a few news items today.

The office supply chain, Staples, announced today that sales had fallen so much that the company would have to close 225 stores, or about 12% of their total. Thousands of people will lose their jobs. Unfortunately, they can’t go to Office Depot or Office Max because Office Depot is suffering from a similar drop in sales and Office Max was going under when Office Depot bought them.

But never fear, despite the tens of thousands of layoffs announced by these companies, banks, and other suffering businesses, the US regime claimed that new unemployment benefit claims had fallen to a three month low.

Given that small business most likely buys a lot of their office supplies from these stores, it would make sense that business in general is pretty slow.

But never fear, the US regime claims that GDP is gaining due to strength in consumer spending.

Radio Shack, the electronics retailer, announced the closure of 1,100 stores due to slow sales. Thousands of jobs will be lost.

But never fear, the US regime claims that an economic recovery is underway due to strong consumer spending - mostly for electronic goods.

World poverty rates continue to grow throughout the world with half of the US population now dependent upon some form of government subsistence.

But never fear, the US regime claims that US net worth just hit an all-time high at the close of 2013.

The Mortgage Bankers Association announced that mortgage activity just dropped to the lowest level since 2000.

But never fear, the US regime claims that home sales and home prices continue to surge.

The cyber currency Bitcoin is thought to be safe because it can safely be bought and stored with impenetrable encryption coding and technology.

But alas, millions and millions of Bitcoins were stolen from Bitcoin wallets this week before the owners could even spell ‘encryption’. Security, these days, is an illusion and nothing more. 

US regime regulators question investment advisors about charging advisory fees even during periods of portfolio position inactivity due to all stocks and all sectors rising in tandem due to Federal Reserve stock price manipulation.

But alas, banksters are allowed to steal money from depositors every month if depositors fail to generate a transaction in their account. Banksters refer to this thievery as charging a ‘fee’.

The US Air Force continues to run sortees of chemical aerosol spraying on life forms on the Earth so that those life forms will no longer be able to think or breathe, or live.

But alas, the regime denies the attack while the unbelievers rely on rationalization, ignorance, and apathy for their lack of concern. Yet, when there are no planes in the sky, there are no ‘clouds’.

Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon, has launched a lawsuit against a company that plans to build a fracking water tower adjacent to his Texas property. Mr. Tillerson objects to the structure mostly because it is ugly and the fracking process is rather nasty. What with fracking causing pollution, releasing carcinogens into the soil and water, and dragging down property values to adjacent properties, who could blame him?

But alas, the company building the water tower is of course owned by Mr. Tillerson’s company, Exxon. Not that Mr. Tillerson has a problem with big ugly water towers or even fracking. Obviously he is well informed as to the environmental destructiveness and the toll on human life that will be realized from the carcinogenic chemicals used in the process. He just doesn’t want the process done anywhere near his castle. Fracking should only be done near poor people so when their property is destroyed and they die of cancer, it won’t affect Mr. Tillerson. Bravo, Mr. Tillerson!

The Ukraine is the latest nation to go belly-up. She split in half after citizens elected to oust the democratically elected president. The split was basically along the lines of the Dnieper River that runs through the middle of the country. The Northwest part of the country sided with Europe and wanted to be slaves to the ECB while the Southeast sided with Russia and wanted to be slaves to the Russian central bank. Both banks offered loans in return for the soul of the country. The populace decided to split and become servants of both. Russia moved troops into the Crimean Peninsula (as they were granted permission by the Ukrainian government) to protect their interests.

But alas, the west, led by the US regime, protested the move by the Russian military. This was illegal and an ‘invasion’. Seems odd coming from a nation that has a military presence in some 130 nations around the globe, illegally and immorally spies on everyone, illegally taps phone calls, appoints unelected czars to run government programs, unleashes police forces to beat citizens senseless for minor infractions, illegally confiscates personal property at will, incarcerates more citizens than any other nation, flies drone sortees all over the world, and executes people at will without accusation or trial, would have the gaul to even use the words ‘illegal’ and ‘invasion’. 

Speaking of the Ukraine, the nuclear meltdown that occurred at Chernobyl was along the Dnieper River north of the capital, Kiev. People are allowed to tour the facility.

But alas, tourists will need to coat themselves in sunscreen and maybe a lead suit. 

Insanity meets sanity every day. Why? Because insanity is what makes stock prices rise. Unfortunately for humans, insanity has slipped up behind sanity and employed a rear-naked choke hold. Sanity is barely holding on but its eyes are beginning to roll back into its head.  

So where do stocks fall in the meeting of insanity and sanity? Sanity would impart some form of risk assessment into the pricing of stocks. Given that all nations are broke, the vast majority of citizens are broke, and the governments that pay interest on treasury debt are crumbling before our eyes, it would seem that the risk premium in stocks would be rather steep.

But alas, the Federal Reserve and other central bankers continue to insist that any risk can be trumped, and therefore negated, with a healthy helping of monetary stimulus conjured from thin air and deposited in the vaults of the big banks. Why worry? The key is to embrace insanity as the new normal.

Lastly, the those who embrace the new US police state should remember one thing. Patriots expose traitors. Traitors do not expose patriots. 

Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been presented for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented. BMF Investments, Inc. assumes no liability nor credit for any actions taken based on this article.