Friday, November 13, 2020

‘Corruption’ Is Spelled ‘FDA-CDC-NIAID-NIH-WHO-FBI-CIA-etc…’

 by Barry Ferguson

I apologize in advance for the length of this article. But when one writes about corruption in US governmental agencies, the word ‘encyclopedic’ comes to mind.


If we look at what defines corruption, we will use words like ‘dishonesty’ and ‘bribery’. All of the lies concerning the Covid virus told by US health agencies are well documented. Thus, the US government is well defined as corrupt. Even worse, when one goes to work for the government, one must have one’s soul totally corrupted.

It would seem that all government agencies are corrupt to the core and they lie to us constantly. Maybe we could spell ‘corruption’ as g-o-v-e-r-n-m-e-n-t?

And voters stupidly vote for more government! I suppose it is true that people vote their IQ. That’s how we wind up with stupid, morally corrupt politicians leading a corrupt government lording over an imbecilic population. Voters don’t understand much about anything.

Covid-19 Virus

Is it any wonder that the corona virus known as ‘Covid-19’ is a perpetual part of our lives from now on? There is no end point. There is no period at the end of a sentence. It will never leave us. Government will never allow the virus to leave. Why? Government is a fraud. To keep that realization from the average citizen, government lies and censors truth with the help of leftists and social media types. Why? Because sick stupid people are easy to control. That’s the goal of government. Put your mask of ignorance on! Mission accomplished!  

Government types tell us to listen to the scientists. Really? Well, not all of them. We should only listen to the scientists who promote our enslavement to government.


Who are the scientists? Doctors? Perspective is important.

Harold Shipman was a medical doctor in the UK circa 1990’s. He killed perhaps as many as 200 people. Most of them were his patients and most of them were poisoned. Dr. Shipman was a psychopath. Finally caught and jailed, he hung himself in prison.

H. H. Holmes was a medical doctor in the Chicago area in the late 1800’s. Holmes was one of the many names he used and he is the most likely candidate to be the famed ‘Jack the Ripper’. Yes, he was in London at the time of these grisly murders. Holmes likely killed hundreds of people before he was caught and executed.

Thomas Cream was a doctor also I believe in the Chicago area. He too was a psychopathic killer who was eventually caught and imprisoned. But this is america, right? His wealthy brother bribed a few politicians for Cream’s freedom and upon release, the good doctor moved to the UK and continued killing people until he was caught and hung.

Lara Kollab was a doctor in residency and was recently in the news. She stated in social media that she would purposely give jewish patients the wrong medicine. She is muslim. She is evil.

Josef Mengele was a doctor for Nazi Germany. I’m sure everyone knows about him so there is no need for further discussion.

Hitler’s health agencies and their doctors willingly participated in racial purging programs under which tens of thousands of innocent people were killed by these doctors. Many were children. Their deaths were listed as Covid-19. Uh, well actually they listed the cause of death as ‘natural causes’. Look it up. It is true.

Dr Norman Oliver was a doctor. Dr. Oliver is Virginia’s ‘health minister’ who announced that when a vaccine for covid-19 becomes available, he will mandate a citizenry vaccination program. Nevermind that the vaccine at best will be, according to NIAID head Dr. Fauci, maybe 50% affective. In other words, a person would have the same probability of infection with or without the vaccination. But of course, Dr. Mengele, uh, I’m sorry, Dr. Oliver, is a UVA professor which puts him in the leftist liberty-hating camp. The good doctor is following his hero Dr. Mengele as this was his plan as well. That is, to poison everyone. All Dr. Oliver needs now is to be fitted with his Nazi arm bands. But alas, the voters in the lost state of Virginia voted to be corralled and enslaved so roll up your sheep sleeves, Virginians. You are about to be roped, tied, and branded.  

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was a doctor. He will gladly drown or choke the life out of a new born baby if the mother gives a big thumbs down.

 Anthony Fauci was a doctor. Everything this ‘doctor’ has said about Covid has turned out to be a lie. Turns out, Fauci is a Bill Gates demon and will do literally anything for money. I’m sure the remdesivir vaccine drug he is pushing will make him rich and a lot of us sick or dead. Good for Fauci! From what I understand, this drug has to be administered via IV so patients will have to go the hospital for ‘treatment’. Hydroxychloroquine is oral and can be taken for Covid at home thus avoiding a hospital visit. Which would Fauci recommend? Sure, he is looking out for our health (sarcasm).

Ergo, some doctors are pure evil and just because someone is a doctor, respect should not be automatic.

Ever heard of Curaderm? It costs about $150 per tube and eliminates basal and squamous cell carcinomas (types of skin cancer). Your dermatologist would never tell you about this because your health is not their primary interest.

Deborah Birx was a doctor. Her best advice is to ‘decorate our face masks’. Birx is a complete buffoon. I wouldn’t let her work on a Goldfish.  

Ergo, when some doctors become politicians and bureaucrats, they become tools of the evil deep state and they should not be trusted.

I am not trying to intimate that all doctors are evil. Some certainly are. On the other side, many doctors are good people who try to do the right thing with the science they know and the skills they have been taught. The so-called ‘White Coat’ confederacy of doctors who have been outspoken proponents of hydroxychloroquine are examples of true doctors trying to do the right thing for each patient. Once doctors become bureaucrats, the doctoring seems to stop and the governing begins. Government has its own agenda and it ain’t our health.

Listen to the science and the scientists. What if what they tell us runs counter to a government narrative?

In the late 1400’s, astronomer Copernicus was threatened with imprisonment if he did not retract his anti-government science that the Earth orbited around the Sun and not vice-versa.

In the early 1500’s, Galileo spent the last 9 years of his life under house arrest for confirming that his fellow scientist Copernicus was right.

Interestingly, just after the end of WWI, Adolf Hitler led a failed coup attempt against the German government. He was imprisoned for nine months. After release, he realized he could more easily usurp political power through the use of democratic elections. He was indeed ‘elected’ by the German electorate. Come to think of it, every despot in history was ‘elected’ by stupid electors.  

Ergo, humans are stupid and will never be smart enough to live under true liberty.

Dr. Simone Gold of the ‘white coat doctors’ group trying to expose truth made a very good point concerning health care and bureaucracy. That is, as long as there is another possible medical treatment available for a particular illness, the health agencies like the FDA cannot ‘fast track’ another treatment or drug through the approval process. Normally new drugs go through an evaluation process of several years. With Covid, that protocol has been ignored.  

Very quickly, the FDA website details the FDA’s drug trial process. It is four stages. The first stage has a few subjects and observes side effects for a few weeks. As each stage progresses, more human subjects are added to the study and the length of side effect observation is lengthened. With Covid, the FDA is now making an exception since a ‘vaccine’ has to be ‘fast-tracked’. There is no time for a real trial. You, my readers, will soon be the guinea pigs for whatever dope these satanists want to pump into your veins.


Corrupt Agencies of Government

Just how corrupt is the US government and all of its agencies? I’m glad you asked.

We all know now that the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and so on are completely corrupt. These agencies hate america, the Constitution, liberty, individual rights, and everything true and righteous. Had the electorate written me in as president, I would follow through with my pledge to disband them all. Fired. Every one of them. But that is another article.

Let’s explore FDA and CDC corruption with the corona virus.

We must understand that the same people that promote viruses and face masks are also busy every single day of the year poisoning us and our environment. They poison our air (heavy metal geo-engineering), our food (GMOs, sugar in everything, poisons like aspartame), and our water (fluoridation). The health agencies and environmental agencies are nothing but sewers of corruption, demonism, and bribery. In other words, frauds.

Harsh? After watching the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, and everyone connected with government tell lie, after lie, after lie, after lie about the current covid virus, it should be apparent that none of us should trust these people. Clearly they are paid off when they nix cheap medications so their pharma friends can sell us more poison. Any human who behaves like these people has to be demonic. Allow me to make my case.  

Is Covid-19 A Manmade Bioweapon?

First, is Covid-19 manmade? Practically every legitimate scientist that has looked at this virus believes the virus has been genetically altered in a lab. Prof Ralph S. Baric, working at the indoctrination center University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, is named as one of the people responsible for the genetic alteration of Covid-19 virus according to Professor Giuseppe Tritto, himself an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology. Mr. Tritto wrote a book on the subject which is currently only printed in Italian. If he tried this in america, he would have been dead before the first page was written. Professor Baric got his funding from Mengele Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. I believe Professor Baric’s focus is the enhancement of the infectious nature of viruses.

If we are following money right now let’s note that the US Gooberment just created from thin air $8 billion US dollars to fight Covid and certainly a large chunk of that money will go to the corrupt agencies that keep the virus on the front burner like the NIH, the FDA, the CDC, and so on. Likely, most of the money will go into the corrupt individuals that loot these agencies. Uh, I mean ‘run’ these agencies. I wonder if the good Dr. Fauci is more wealthy today than he was last year? So, Covid pays off for those in control of our fear-care.

Oh, get this. Professor Baric was interviewed on the Covid subject and said the following: “Could be … you know, we almost have 1 billion elderly on the planet above 60, and coronaviruses like to replicate in old people.” I myself have offered this as a solution to debt problems like social security. If we turn totally satanic, why not just kill all the old people? They’re the ones drawing on social security. Isn’t Agenda 21 all about population control? Isn’t this a Bill Gates dream? This is also the goal of US supposed ‘health care agencies’.  

Okay, like any detective working a crime scene, we have now identified a money inducement and motive for the Covid-19 scamdemic.

Second, WWII initiated the need for the Geneva Covention to bring ‘civility’ to the act of war. Specifically biologic and chemical weapons were outlawed from war theaters on an international scale.

However, bio-weapon experimentation and production was not addressed until 1972. The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) of 1972 prohibits countries that have signed the treaty from ‘developing, producing, stockpiling, acquiring, or retaining biological agents or toxins of types and in quantities that have no justification for protective, defensive, or other peaceful purposes’. Almost every nation on the planet signed the treaty including the US and China. So, production and experimentation of bioweapons is internationally illegal.

Did I mention that the US governmental agencies are completely corrupt? So are the Chinese. Apparently the BWC is just an inconvenience.

The timeline is telling. The good Dr. Fauci has been engineering viruses for some time. Sometime in 2015 President Obama, to his credit, terminated Fauci’s work on the virus by withdrawing the funding. Fauci being the corrupt demon and criminal that he is, did an end run and moved operations to Wuhan China. Fauci funded his illegal operations with his agency funded with US taxpayer money, the NIAID. President Trump took over in 2017, discovered Fauci’s crimes against humanity, and again terminated the funding.

So we now have pretty good evidence that Covid-19 is an ‘engineered bioweapon’ designed by evil people like Dr. Fauci and funded by unsuspecting idiots like US taxpayers. It should also be obvious to the few humans alive with functioning brain cells that the virus is just another ‘9/11’ psyops operation designed to further enslave the masses of brain-dead sheep.

For a little more insight as to the expanse of governmental corruption, let’s focus on the FDA and the CDC. After all, they are agencies concerned with our health, right? Yeah, readers should take a laugh break right about now.

How Corrupt Are Health Agencies?

The CDC recently announced (November,2020) that they were no longer even tracking influenza cases. Why? Because to keep the Covid scamdemic going and the slavery yoke around the face of every pathetic american, every illness, disease, or accident is tallied up as a Covid case. Heck, these corrupt government goons are importing sick Mexican citizens into El Paso, TX to drive up the statistics. The city of El Paso has a Covid infection rate higher than 29 US states.

Further, the CDC admits that it the Covid virus is ‘unavailable’ and not in their possession. Therefore there are no samples of the Covid-19 virus for real scientists to examine. Why is this? I suspect that if more real scientists looked at Covid, they would easily see the evidence of human genetic tampering. And, since bioweapons were outlawed by the BWC in 1972, whoever genetically altered this virus strain to make it more potent should be brought before an international court and punished accordingly. Ergo, Fauci may very well be a criminal every bit equal to the Nazi doctors of WWII. But we can’t do that. Dr. Fauci is a well respected architect of the current virus enslavement program that is determined to keep a muzzle on formerly free people.

So, there are only two possibilities. One, the Covid virus does not actually exist and two, if the virus does exist, it is a bio-engineered weapon making anyone who engineered it a war criminal.

Now let’s talk FDA. The FDA is so corrupt one could easily write a book on the subject. The question is no longer whether or not the FDA is corrupt but rather ‘how corrupt is the FDA?’

The FDA is so corrupt, it is hard to imagine why anyone would believe them about anything.

Corruption and Stupidity Work Hand-in-Hand

In 2019, a handful of people in the US developed severe respiratory problems that were immediately associated with vaping electronic cigarettes or e-carts. An ‘epidemic’ was declared and particularly among the nation’s youth. It is beside the point that the legal age of product purchase was 18. The FDA had an epidemic to sell. It’s all about our kids, you see. Government likes to tell us about how they are concerned about our kids health and yet the same government promotes transgenderism, sugary foods, and a nutrition guideline of low fat - high carbohydrate diets. In truth, the government’s nutrition guide is a complete lie.

Unfortunately, dozens died. Through exhaustive research, real scientists narrowed the cause of this respiratory ailment to black market e-carts that contained THC and a mixing agent vitamin E Acetate. The acetate is what destroyed the lungs of users. Again, this is an example how government takes a product like marijuana and THC and makes them dangerous because they are federally illegal. The e-cigarette industry does not use acetate, obviously and none of the lung injuries were truthfully linked to e-cigarette vaping.

So how did the illustrious FDA respond? Again, the e-cigarette business had zero to do with the lung ailments.  

We should all understand that like all government, the FDA is not a ‘health agency’. It is a department of whores who can be bought by any ‘john’. In this case, the tobacco industry owns the FDA. Let me give readers a hint at how this is going to go. Big tobacco bribed politicians with $20 million dollars or so in lobby money, I believe 2018 stats, while the e-cigarette industry only used about $400k in bribery money. Now who do you think the FDA will side with?  

Obviously THC and marijuana are federally illegal and they are still illegal in about 35 US states. Thus no further action could be taken against marijuana products. Besides, the legal marijuana products were not the problem anyway.

So, the FDA, along with President Trump’s stupid blessing, raised the legal purchasing age to 21 for all tobacco and e-cigarette products and banned ‘flavored’ e-cigarettes from the market. It’s for the kids, you see. The idiocy is e-cigarettes had nothing to do with these cases of respiratory distress. Neither did flavors of e-cigarettes. The FDA banned them anyway. The FDA is so concerned about our health! Sarcasm again.  

Please read the following very closely. Vapor Voice is a periodical specializing in the e-cigarette industry. They published an article recently quoting tobacco giant Altria from their July, 2020 investor call in which Altria gave credit to the FDA and their flavor ban for “helping the overall cigarette category”. Imagine that! The FDA, a supposed health agency, helped contribute to more cigarette smoking. All Altria had to do was pay the whores to help market a product that kills half a million americans a year. And the whores complied. I promise to follow with another article that I am writing detailing corruption in the e-cigarette world and the FDA. Readers will not believe how corrupt these agencies truly are. But back to this story.

Consider that Dr. Fauci, a Bill Gates lackey, continues to push for a vaccine to remedy the Covd-19 crisis. They both serve Gilead Sciences that makes the drug remdesivir. I have read that half of the people at the FDA that decide on drug approvals own Gilead stock. Fauci, Gates, and company can’t wait to inject this venom in their brainless subjects so they got the FDA to ‘fast track’ the drug for use with Covid. Nevermind that even the corrupt WHO (World Health Organization) studied remdesivir and found it to be ineffective in Covid death rates. But still, the FDA approved remdesivir as a treatment for Covid-19.

Let’s quickly recap.

Hydroxychloroquine was used successfully by many doctors around the world to treat the corona virus so the FDA banned it.
Remdesivir showed no difference in treatment efficacy for the corona virus according to the corrupt WHO and the FDA gave the drug a fast track approval.
E-cigarettes had nothing at all to do with lung injuries but the FDA banned flavors of the liquids and raised the purchase age to 21.
Note, Altria does not offer flavors on their e-cigarette offerings. The whores have been paid. All they ask of the John is which position to take. Corruption!

This seems even more ridiculous when one considers that thousands of doctors around the world have used a hydroxychloroquine centered treatment very successfully and the FDA prohibited its use.

Well, maybe the FDA knows more than we do. They are ‘doctors’ after all. Or, maybe the FDA is more corrupt than a Windows hard drive after about a year of use.

Need more FDA corruption?

Keep reading…

Government Agencies Poison Our Water

Consider the FDA and its promotion of fluoride.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a byproduct of the gaseous element fluorine and it is produced from activities associated with mining, aluminum production, steel, cement, and nuclear weapons production. The EPA terms fluoride as a ‘toxic industrial waste’.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP), wrote that “the preponderance of evidence” from laboratory studies indicates that fluoride is a mutagen (a compound that can cause genetic damage) that can lead to cancer.

As mining and aluminum production ramped up over the past one hundred years, the fluoride toxic waste was pumped into the air and into the nearby streams. The result was plant life and farm animals began to die. Environmental agencies began to demand these polluting companies clean up their act. That could get expensive. Lawsuits were initiated. What to do, what to do?

Yes, of course - johns and whores - bring in the corrupt FDA and ‘science’.

Studies Are For Idiots

Francis Frary was the chief scientist for aluminum producer ALCOA. He had the idea that clean up might not be necessary if he could convince idiots that fluoride was harmless. Further, what if he could could convince idiots that fluoride was good for them? Yes, humans are dumb as f#ck and the government is as corrupt as f#ck. This should be an easy task. And it was.

They needed a ‘study’ done by ‘scientists’.

Mr. Frary hired Gerald Cox of the Mellon Institute to conduct a ‘study’ to show the ‘scientific benefits’ of adding fluoride to the water supply. The corrupt Mellon Institute was frequently hired by big business to produce research that supported their industries. Heck, the Mellon people had previously put out ‘research’ from their ‘study’ performed by their ‘scientists’ that showed that asbestos was safe and did not cause cancer. Don’t the idiots of today tell us to ‘listen to the scientists’? Well, a lot of them are corrupt as f#ck liars that produce studies to promote whatever vile product or idea they are paid to promote. Science? Please!

So, the Mellon folks sold the world the bogus idea that fluoride would be good for their teeth. Fluoride could prevent cavities. Yeah, that’s it. People are stupid. They will believe anything if we tell them a ‘study’ was done on the subject by real ‘scientists’. And they did.

So not only did the fluoride producing companies no longer have to worry about the costly expense of properly disposing of ‘toxic industrial waste products’, they could actually make money from their waste product of fluoride by selling it to water municipalities as an additive to the public drinking water. Companies then could manufacture a synthetic fluoride to put in all kinds of products like toothpaste, pharmaceutical drugs, and food.

Truth 1 is that fluoride being good for our teeth is a total lie as cavity and tooth decay is no more prevalent in non-fluoridated areas than in fluoridated areas.

Truth 2 is fluoride is a poison. There is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child. Not swallowing does not matter. Fluoride is absorbed sublingually.

Truth 3 is the Nazis recognized the power of fluoride in the 1930’s. They discovered that fluoride was effective in two ways. One, it made people more docile. Two, it lowered human IQs.

Truth 4 is fluorinated water poisoning is only currently allowed in 8 countries on the planet. The US leads the list and the previously mentioned lowering of IQs is obvious. Other idiot nations include New Zealand and Australia. Most people would assume China would be a leader in this Nazi program. Sure, China tops the list of human rights abusers. Citizens have zero freedom. China incarcerates political prisoners, forces slave labor, and runs concentration camps. But poison the water that their citizens drink? Heavens no! China forbids fluoridation programs. One would have to live in a completely demonic country that works every day to sicken its own population… Uh, well yes we are now talking USA. Just makes one want to stand up and shout ‘USA. USA. USA.’ God help us but the USA is a land of complete morons led around by corrupt idiots. The election of 2020 bears this out. I would add that China is a country that has allowed pollution to destroy the environment for many years and as such, much of its water is ‘naturally’ fluorinated by industry contamination. This would account for the low IQs seen in the country.

When it comes to cancer rates by nation, the US is fifth in the world behind fluoride poisoners Australia, New Zealand, Ireland (the only EU country to fluoridate), and Hungary.

Truth 5 is easy to check. I challenge the few people intelligent enough to read this article to this point to go the toothpaste section the next time they visit the grocery store or pharmacy. I wouldn’t suggest buying the brand Burt’s Bees since they contribute money to racist anti-american groups but it is a commonly found brand. They offer both fluoride and non-fluoride toothpastes. The paste containing fluoride has the same FDA mandated warning as all other brands. It basically says if swallowed, ‘contact poison control’. Notice that’s ‘poison control’. The non-fluoride paste carries no such warning. So why did they put poison in the toothpaste?

Now the FDA wants us to believe they are interested in our health. Nothing could be further from the truth. The FDA is simply another completely corrupt government agency that can be bought and sold by anyone for any purpose. Right now the FDA and other government agencies are working with the Nazis that want us confined to our homes with a mask of fear covering our faces. Clearly this is not a group that any of us should take medical advice.

Let me sum this up with another example of why none of us should trust these corrupt demons in government.

Evil Pelosi is fond of telling us to ‘listen to the scientists’. Maybe like Dr. Lee Norman?

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Dr. Lee Norman is one of those ‘scientists’. At a Covid-19 pressor, Mr. Norman extolled the efficacy of wearing face coverings in public with the use of a chart showing new cases were rising in the areas of Kansas that did not require a mask and new cases were falling in the masked counties. Of course, the chart was faked and the data skewed. In reality, the opposite is true. Covid cases were falling in the non-masked areas. Mr. Norman is of course another disgusting vermin democrat constantly lying to the public about everything. He is not a scientist. He is a liar. He is a con man. He is sewer scum. Mr. Norman should not be trusted to sell a sugar pill much less inform the public on anything at all related to health. Mr. Norman is trying to kill people. Mr. Norman is dumb and corrupt as f*ck just like the idiots that listen to him. Mr. Norman is a whore. He will say and do whatever he is told by his handlers. Jail is where liars like this need to relegated.

So how do we spell ‘corruption’? FDA-CDC-NIAID-NIH-WHO-FBI-CIA-AMERICA! This is the worst kind of corruption. These agencies and the people who work at them are corrupt in their souls. Take your mask off. You have been lied to and conned. Educate yourself. The lifeblood of liberty is knowledge. Democracies drown in a sea of ignorance.

Below are a few links to articles concerning the poison of fluoride:

Now that you know, share this information with everyone you know. Share this article. Destroy ignorance. Know your enemy. Expression of intelligence is a revolutionary act these days.