Monday, October 29, 2018

Harvard Idiots - An Oxymoron


The ‘white privilege’ idea was introduced in the 1970’s by a Harvard University professor. Of course it was. Harvard. Why is it that every person I read about that went to Harvard is an idiot?

Enter Harvard grad Senator Elizabeth Warren. She claimed to be a person of ‘color’ to get into Harvard Law School. After receiving a degree in idiocy, Ms. Warren was hired to teach at Harvard. The indoctrination center boasted that Ms. Warren was the first professor at law school that was a person of color. The color Ms. Warren claimed to be was Native American. We all know the DNA tests that Ms. Warren volunteered showed her to be no more Native American than any other white person in America.

What does this tell us? Harvard is for idiots.

If there was really such a thing as ‘white privilege’, Ms. Warren would not have needed to check the ‘Native American’ box. Her white skin would have been her admission ticket. But on the contrary, the school admittedly discriminates against white people. Given like academic accomplishments, a black student with lower scores receives preferential admission privilege. So prevalent is the school’s discrimination policy that an Asian group has now sued the school because students of Asian ancestry are likewise discriminated against.

So, if ‘white privilege’ exists, it does not do so at Harvard - the school that birthed the idea. In fact, Ms. Warren proved it by having to claim native american ancestry to gain admission. Why then would anyone ever listen to a Harvard grad?

Here is an example. I am obviously not a Harvard alum. My brain cells still work. And no, I did not attend law school. I’m just a southern (by the grace of Almighty God) boy educated through public schools back when schools were schools and not communist indoctrination centers. And it seems, I could have saved the world a lot of time and money concerning the Senate grilling of Judge Kavanaugh. Had I been allowed to question the figurative suicide bomber Christine Ford, I could have wrapped up the question of Judge Kavanaugh’s character assassination in less than five minutes. Here is how I imagine my questioning would have gone.

Me: Ms. Ford, are you a resident of California?

Ms. Ford: Yes.

Me: Ms. Ford, are you a college professor at a California university? (I am establishing the foundation. California resident who is university professor. So far, every person of that species turns out to be a communist lunatic.)

Ms. Ford: I can’t remember. My hippocampus fails me on that question. (We checked and she is a professor although the indoctrination center where she is employed can’t decide whether or not Ms. Ford is a ‘psychologist’. Ms. Ford introduced herself as such. She is not. Her indoctrination center whitewashed their webpage to make her an ‘Affiliate’. Ergo, Ms. Ford lied under oath.)

Me: Ms. Ford, have you ever told a lie in you life?

Ms. Ford. I can’t remember.

Me. We’ll accept that as a ‘yes’. Now, Ms. Ford, would it be fair to say that you hate President Donald J. Trump with every fiber in your body?

Ms. Ford: (Silly little girl voice changes to something more like a poltergeist.) Yes!

Me. Ms. Ford, would you be willing to do literally anything to weaken President Trump’s agenda? Remember, for whatever it means anymore, you are under oath.

Ms. Ford: (Turning to her handlers, her head now spins 360 degrees.)

Bang the gavel. Case closed. Don’t feel bad for Ms. Ford. By strapping on the figurative suicide bomb for the communists, it would appear that Ms. Ford is becoming very wealthy from ‘crowd funding’. Treason and lying pay well.

This led to a video I saw of a group of demonstrators screaming, “No more rapists on the court! No more rapists on the court!” There was a particular young lady in the video who looked very angry and sincere. I became angry too. Why are there rapists on the Supreme Court? I wanted to magically slide into that video and stand shoulder to shoulder with this woman. I would scream too. ‘No more rapists on the court!” I wanted to lean over and ask, ‘Who is the rapists?’

Of course that would be Judge Kavanaugh. Who did he rape? Who did he attempt to rape? Who accused him of rape? The answer is no one and the man is innocent of all charges brought forth by the morally vacant yet the left wing communists have him labeled as a rapist.

Oh well, it seems we live in a different country now. Hawaiian Senator Hirono bared her communist fangs to opine that the accused is now guilty until proven innocent. I believe she said that white men need to shut up and listen to women.  

I read a story of a black man in Georgia. A white woman accused him of raping her. Law enforcement arrested the accused and incarcerated him awaiting trial. A mob of men were not satisfied with the judicial process so they marched to the jail, over-powered the jailers, apprehended the accused rapists and hung him from a tree. This was from some one-hundred years ago. From that time frame and location in Georgia, we could assume that the mob was mostly democrats. I’m sure too that they were chanting, ‘Believe the women. Believe the women.’ I’m sure they had signs that read, ‘We believe survivors.’

Having lived in the South all my life, I have witnessed first hand a KKK public demonstration. They had a lawful parade permit. They marched. They spoke. They disassembled and there was no trouble.

I never thought I would see a true ‘lynch mob’ until I looked into the eyes of the democrats trying to destroy a good man’s name. No doubt, some of those in the lynch mob were Harvard grads. 

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