Friday, February 5, 2016

Idiots and Imbeciles


Drug owner/ hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli was summoned by the village idiots of america (Congress) to answer questions about a drug his company owned. The drug was an HIV drug that he raised the price on astronomically. Mr. Shkreli took the 5th and answered nothing. He proceeded to tweet that his interrogators were ‘imbeciles’. Like the man or no, we have to respect his honesty and assessment of his adversaries. Congress, US politicians, government agencies - they are all imbeciles to the infinite degree. This is an incredibly sad time to be a citizen of such a clownish and stupid country. 

So I wanted to make a quick post on the village idiots that run the country. No, not the imbeciles in Congress. No, not the fraud that sleeps in the White House. That guy spent a day this past week in a muslim mosque berating those who may harbor prejudices against certain people espousing a particular religious faith. Admittedly, I did not watch the speech. I don’t have to. I get up and go to work everyday. The man hates me for doing so. I’ve got it. But, I would have to assume that in the interest of even an imbecilic intelligence that the man would chastise his listeners for an element of the muslim religion, or those who act in their interpretation of the religion, for hatred towards non-muslims and specifically Christians. Surely the man would point out that most of the mass murdering going on all over the globe is being orchestrated by non-Christians. Hatred is a two-way street. Surely he would point out that the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria, and aligned with al-Qaeda, is busy slaughtering Christians. The name Boko Haram basically means, ‘western education is forbidden’. Or, non-muslims are evil and should be exterminated. Surely the man pointed all this out. But let’s look at another set of idiots.

The Federal Reserve Bank runs america and they elected on December 16, 2015 to ‘raise rates’ by raising the Fed Funds target rate to .25%. Only a complete idiot like the Fed would do this. As I pointed out in a lecture that I gave in November, the Fed would ‘lower rates by raising rates’. They are so truly stupid that they don’t realize the effect of ‘raising’ the fed funds rate. What happens is the US dollar increases in value versus other currencies and that in turn pushes bond prices higher and yields lower. The chart below shows the Fed at their stupidest. In fact, the 10-year Treasury yield has now fallen some 18% since the beginning of 2016. When the Fed met in December, the 10-year Treasury yield was right at 2.3%. Today, 2/5/16, the yield is 1.8%. 

Donald Trump was 100% correct when he said a few months ago that, ‘Our country is run by very, very stupid people.’ This is why we are doomed.

There was a guy in southern California last week who donned a ‘Hillary’ shirt and went around with a clipboard gathering signatures to put a vice-presidential candidate on Hillary’s team. The candidate was none other than Karl Marx. Yes, that would be the same communist Karl Marx who has now been dead for more than a century. Hillary worshippers apparently don’t know, don’t care, whether or not Hillary’s VP is communist or even alive. That’s how brainwashed, or brain dead, these people are. Yet, a parade of idiots signed up to put Mr. Marx on the ballot with Hillary. Idiots just keep on multiplying. 

So, take a look at the chart below of the 10-year US Treasury yield and see if you can figure out if interest rates are rising or falling. One would have to be a complete imbecile, like the Fed, like the financial media, to think interest rates can ever rise again. Thus, the idiots at the Fed lowered rates by raising rates.  

How can such stupid people remain in charge of the government of a formerly free and vigorous economy? The answer is the governed have to be stupider than the governors. Watch this video for the answer:

If readers watch that video, please be sure to watch to the end. Then click the video entitled, ‘Hillary Voters Love Sharia Law’. Readers will then understand that the only thing left to do is raise the white flag. It is over. America cannot survive this plague of profound, profane imbecilic idiocy. In all honesty, it may be time to re-evaluate the idea of letting everyone vote. It should be clear that the vast majority of americans no longer have the intelligence to live in a free society.

Chart courtesy of
2 month 10-year US Treasury note

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