Monday, July 15, 2013

Will The Real Stock Driver Please Stand Up

Question: What drives stock prices higher?


Thursday, 7/11/13

Financial headlines copied from Google Finance:

Chicago-area foreclosure filings dip in June while auctions soar

The Dow was up 140 points.

Answer: The Federal Reserve Bank

Question: Where will the Dow go from here?

Answer: Where ever the Federal Reserve wants it to go.

Question: When it comes to stock prices, does anything else matter other than the Federal Reserve?

Answer: No.

Question: Does anyone know anything?

Answer: No. UPS carries packages of goods that are bought and delivered throughout the US. They said sales and earnings were a bit lower due to a weakening economy. JP Morgan makes money by stealing it from americans and using it to make money from insider trading supplied by the Fed. They said earnings were good because of a strengthening economy. 

Corporate health in the US depends upon which side of the river Styx they reside. 

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